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Elevating the Art & Science of Marketing In Person

The Power to the Marketer Festival showcased the work of marketers who drive customer loyalty and business outcomes by balancing the Art and Science of marketing in the omnichannel campaigns they execute. 

Marketing leaders joined us in Munich to discover omnichannel marketing strategies, hear success stories, get tactical takeaways, meet like-minded marketers and industry thought-leaders.

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Ema Pttm Festival 23 Location

Famtain Munich

Located in the heart of Munich, this exclusive and lavish venue offered a touch of class for marketing leaders to rub shoulders.

Why brand leaders attended Munich

Icn Learn

The Art of Digital Loyalty

Leaders learnt how marketers at top brands succeed in the real world by building meaningful relationships with customers through content, channels, creativity & connection.

Icn Trueloyalty

The Science of Loyalty

Marketing experts discovered next-level tactics to help unlock data insights that allow you to understand your customers as individuals and connect with them at impactful moments.

Icn Welcome

CMO to CMO Networking

Like-minded senior marketers connected in the heart of the city at an exclusive venue with access to industry experts well-versed in the Art & Science of driving customer loyalty.

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Omnichannel Masterclass

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Vogue Business & Emarsys

Vogue Business will share what’s on the minds of today’s leading marketers this year and beyond – to help marketers to prioritize their strategies and outperform their goals.

Philip Nowak Emarsys
Philip Nowak Managing Director & SVP Revenue MEE

Fireside Chat: From Pure Play to Omnichannel Challenger

In under a decade, the digital revolution has transformed the way we shop and the beauty industry has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of this. In this intimate fireside chat format, we’ll hear from our industry guest about how they’ve grown the business from a modest footprint to a thriving omnichannel leader; how they’ve overcome both global and local challenges; and which tools and partners helped them along the way. An unmissable opportunity to learn about the direct impact of omnichannel marketing on brand performance, awareness, reach and revenue.

Thumb Daniel Lang Parfumdreams
Daniel Lang Head of Marketing & Development

Panel Discussion: Investing To Win In A Cut-Back Economy

In a volatile economic landscape, businesses are being challenged to create cost savings and resource efficiencies to ensure resilience. So what are the essential tools that brands need to continue investing in and how can marketers overcome resource constraints to thrive in a time of scarcity? In this discussion, we’ll find out from brands of different scales how they’ve dealt with shrinking resources, built smart tech stacks and used data to innovate in times of uncertainty.

Ben Messner Willy Bogner
Benjamin Messner Director of E-Commerce
Kerstin Weng Vogue Business
Kerstin Weng Head of Editorial Content

Panel Discussion: How to Make Data Your Secret Weapon

Third-party cookies are out, zero-party data is in. Now, marketers need new ways of reaching and retargeting audiences. In this provocative conversation, we’ll explore the data pain points facing marketers, how to navigate data privacy pitfalls and which new tools help to create personalised experiences that drive loyalty and revenue, without compromising on trust and security.

Alim Adam Nait Saint Laurent
Alim Adam Nait Worldwide Digital Engagement Manager
Lennart Müller Teut Akris
Lennart Müller-Teut Chief Marketing Officer

Keynote: Lingering and Longing: The New Language of Loyalty

The web 3.0 world has burst onto the scene against a backdrop of economic shortages, political upheaval and cultural revolution. This has created a tension between demand for novelty and exclusivity and increasing price sensitivity. In this conversation, we’ll find out from a leading brand what challenges they’ve identified when it comes to customer loyalty. Our guest speaker will discuss their ventures into the experience economy, the evolution of their loyalty programmes, the impact on long-term revenue and how they measure success when introducing new brand features.

Jenny Treiber Ruckenbrod Bmw
Jenny Treiber-Ruckenbrod Marketing Director
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Omnichannel Masterclass

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