Mastering Personalization:
Real Strategies for Enhancing CX and Driving Loyalty

On Demand | 40 Minutes

About This Webinar

This webinar is part of our unPredictions series — no guesswork, no lofty trends, just real commerce marketing priorities to help you drive customer engagement and increase growth and revenue in 2022.

Discover How Brands Are Using Data to Put the Customer First

Anyone can apply a little marketing personalization, but it takes something more to become a true master! Leading marketers use sophisticated tools and strategies to engage customers in ways that build long-lasting relationships.

In this curated webinar, we’ve pulled together three “Best Of” clips from our Retail Revival event. Hear from popular UK brands Brand Alley, Bulk, and Orlebar Brown about what they’re doing to create 1:1 experiences with customers and drive real business impact:

  • Find out how AI helps with product recommendations.
  • Learn how top markers use data to improve CX and increase loyalty.
  • Discover why continual testing is the key to success with marketing automation.
  • Hear ways personalization can be applied across channels
  • Get insights that improve the entire customer journey!
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