What is customer obsession?

Customer obsession is a business mindset focused on putting the customer at the center of every aspect of the business, including leadership, strategy, and operations It involves actively listening to customer feedback, tracking customer metrics, and consistently innovating solutions to better meet the needs of existing customers and attract new ones.

Customer obsession can take many forms, from optimizing product features to meeting customer service goals to engaging in meaningful two-way communication. Ultimately, the goal of customer obsession is to ensure customers are delighted with their experience before, during, and after purchases.

Why is customer obsession important?

Customer obsession is important because it allows businesses to build strong and lasting relationships with their customers. By understanding customer needs, businesses can craft better products and services that meet those needs, improving customer retention.

In addition, by actively listening to feedback and responding to it quickly, businesses can demonstrate that they value their customers and prioritize their satisfaction. This helps to create a positive brand image, build trust with audiences, and grow brand loyalty and advocacy.

What is an example of customer obsession?

An example of customer obsession is Amazon’s commitment to constant innovation and improvement.

The company has a history of quickly responding to customers’ feedback in order to make their products and services better, including introducing same-day or next-day delivery, creating an incredible selection of items from thousands of different brands, and providing personalized product recommendations.

By continually striving to improve customer satisfaction, Amazon has become one of the most successful companies in the world.

How to build a customer-obsessed culture

Follow these fundamentals to start building a customer-obsessed culture in your business that puts the customer at the centre of your leadership, strategy and operations:

  1. Put customers first

    : Crafting experiences tailored to your customer won’t happen without understanding exactly who they are and what they need. Start with their perspective in mind and build a culture that is customer-centric and always seeks out the best outcome for them.
  2. Know your customer

    : Use data to build a deeper picture of who your customers are, what they want, and where they’re coming from. Perform market research, look at customer demographics, or even track user behavior on your website or app to gather valuable insights.
  3. Listen and engage

    : Whether it’s through surveys, reviews, or 1:1 conversations, actively listen to and engage with your customers so you can better understand their preferences and needs. This will help inform how you shape your product roadmap, marketing campaigns, pricing strategy, and more.
  4. Measure success

    : Once you’ve identified how you’re going to measure success (e.g. customer satisfaction scores, NPS), track these metrics regularly and analyze any trends that emerge to understand if your efforts are yielding results.

Customer obsession with Emarsys

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