We all know from personal experience that having an inbox full of marketing emails can be frustrating unless its something that really catches your eye. As an email marketer you need to be aware that not only does your email need to be engaging but it also needs to grab the recipient’s attention at the right time. For example, if you’re a B2B marketer, sending an email out first thing on a Monday morning isn’t likely to get you a high response rate. 


Research has been conducted to help email marketers understand the best times to send emails out to subscribers but it is important to remember that every list of subscribers is different. So with that in mind how can we help you work out the best times to send your email campaigns?

Earlier this year, Emarsys launched the Launch Time Advisor feature within our marketing cloud. Based on statistical analytics, it determines at what time of the day and what day of the week recipients who have opened an email and are most likely to click; thus giving email marketers a basis for determining the best time to send their campaigns.

You can select whether you want the advisor to analyse data from the whole account or a specific campaign which allows you to be more accurate with your data dependent on what exactly you are looking for. For example, if you have sent out an email newsletter the previous month with new products available and you are looking to send an email of similar content to the same list, it would be best to analyse data from the previous campaign only to get a more accurate picture of how recipients are responding.

Sending your email campaign at a time where you think recipients are more likely to react is the best way to increase the chance of conversions from your email campaigns.