Small Marketing Team Harnesses Personalized Omnichannel Journeys with Shopify Plus and Emarsys


As a Shopify Plus customer with a very small marketing team, JOLYN — a woman’s competitive swimwear brand that provides bright and colorful industry-disrupting bathing suits  through their e-commerce store — discovered the Emarsys Certified App for Shopify Plus.

Samantha Tedder, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at JOLYN, had this to say after connecting Shopify Plus with Emarsys, “Within a day we had the plugin running, we had the code on our site, and if we were creatively prepared, we probably would have been able to prepare our IP warm-up that same day.”

The process was smooth and seamless and required no requests to their IT team… and zero developer resources.

Five years of JOLYN’s data flowed into the Emarsys omnichannel customer engagement platform, and the AI quickly placed customers in categories, such as hot leads, defecting customers, cold leads, and customer lifetime value.

With the click of a button, JOLYN deployed pre-built use cases and tactics to create 1:1 omnichannel journeys with personalized content and offers on their product pages, as well as on Instagram, Google, Facebook, and within email and SMS.

The team at JOLYN were free to be marketers, and focus on strategy, rather than being dependent on developers or the IT team to launch new use cases.

At their fingertips, JOLYN had the power of a much larger, resource-heavy team. All their advanced data was available so they could quickly and easily create highly personalized 1:1 omnichannel journeys for customers and prospects on any channel… all with zero dependencies.

Create 1:1 personalized omnichannel marketing with your Shopify Plus store

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