For most modern retailers, multichannel consumers are a top priority. After all, customers are more accessible than ever before. However, while access has grown, so have customer expectations. To survive, marketers must step up and identify their customers at each media channel and at every brand touchpoint, giving the customer a personalized experience.

The good news is marketers now have the data and technology to make this happen. In fact, it’s already happening.

Situated in one of the richest and fastest-evolving commerce markets in the world, General Manager Ofri Cohen takes care of Emarsys China, helping brands build better marketing campaigns and drive revenue.  In today’s blog post, Ofri breaks down how you can generate more revenue from the multi-channel shopper by matching customer IDs to email addresses. Let’s go!

Abandon Shop!

In order to better understand how to execute this program, let’s take our hypothetical friend Max. Max is a red wine drinker and during the last six months, he has been mostly purchasing from two online liquor shops (Moonshine and WineTime) using his own shopping accounts.

On Sunday night, Max browsed both sites looking for a ‘nice bottle of red wine’, with nothing particular in mind. Max used his home computer, leaving the following tracks on his browser’s cookies:

Moonshine – the site was browsed for more than five minutes, item X was placed inside the cart, but Max did not log into his account and did not complete a purchase.

WineTime – This site was only browsed for two minutes and none of the items were placed inside the cart. Max did not log into his account on this site and did not complete a purchase.

From this experience, it seems that Moonshine did a better job delivering Max a personalized user experience on their website. As a result, Max placed item X in his cart. However, unfortunately, an incoming phone call from a good friend took his attention from completing the purchase and the cart was abandoned.

The following Monday, during his lunch break, Max used his computer at work, browsing both Moonshine and WineTime. Max was treated as a ‘new visitor’ by both of the online shops as he was using a different device and did not log in to his accounts. Without giving too much thought to his browsing experience the day before, he had completed a purchase on WineTime.

Moonshine really missed an opportunity to recover revenue. But how could they have avoided this?

Well, given that Max used his home computer for logging into Moonshine in the past and did not remove cookies from the browser, Moonshine should have matched Max’s ID (cookie) with his email address on Sunday night – even if he did not log in to his account. By doing so, Moonshine could have targeted Max with personalized emails to recover revenues by treating Max as a recognized and valued individual instead of a ‘new visitor’.

Tip: Matching a user ID with an email address will improve coverage by sending more targeted revenue recovery campaigns and increasing accuracy of recommended items.

Why match user IDs with email addresses?

Predictive analytics and email marketing solutions should be in sync. A list that matches a user ID with an email address should be updated in real time.

Here are two examples of how matching a user ID with an email address can provide revenue recovery for your business:

Abandoned cart emails – targeting Max with an abandoned cart email as quickly after Max abandoned his cart as possible. Once Max receives an abandoned cart email which reminds him of item X and other personalized recommended items on Monday morning, the chances are he would have rewarded Moonshine by completing a purchase.

Abandoned browser emails – targeting Max with an abandoned browser email the day after he clicked out of the website. In addition to reminding Max of item X, the abandoned browser email should be fueled with recommended items which land straight into Max’s mailbox on Monday morning. If this had happened, it’s likely that Max would also have rewarded Moonshine by completing a purchase.

What else can we use this technique for?

Being able to match a user ID with an email address will work perfectly with any other marketing email just as well. If Max had been redirected to Moonshine after clicking a marketing email during his Monday lunch break, Moonshine could have treated Max as an appreciated customer instead of a new and unknown visitor. Taking into account Max’s last web session on Sunday night, Moonshine could have significantly improved the accuracy of recommended items on the home page.

Learn more about how Emarsys can help your business implement a cross-channel marketing strategy and start recovering revenue today!

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