As 2023 comes to a close, we’re taking the chance to reflect on the biggest updates we’ve released this year that have empowered you, as a marketer, to drive customer engagement and deliver tangible business outcomes. 

We’ll recap some of the most impactful innovations, including new channels, reporting and analytics improvements, enhancements for the marketer’s experience, and more. Let’s dive in.

New Channel Releases and Updates

Today’s marketers know that meeting customers on their preferred channel is essential to effective customer engagement. With our latest channel releases, we help you to better engage your audience with the right content, in the right place, at the right time. 

Mobile Wallet product launch

In June 2023, we announced a brand-new channel to the Emarsys Customer Engagement platform – Mobile Wallet. 

Mobile Wallet gives you the ability to launch personalized campaigns with digital wallet passes including digital vouchers, coupons, tickets and loyalty cards. By building Mobile Wallet into your omnichannel mix, you can engage your mobile customers anywhere with relevant rewards and offers – all without needing an app.

Considering that more than 50% of consumers say there is “no need to carry a physical wallet” now that they have a mobile wallet, this channel is becoming a vital touchpoint for connecting with customers.

  • App-Free mobile reach: Easily engage Google and Apple Wallet users with personalized vouchers, coupons, and loyalty cards, expanding your reach without needing a dedicated app.
  • Enhanced customer loyalty: Offer timely, personalized promotions like BOGO deals and limited-time discounts at key purchasing moments.
  • Simplified in-store identification: Provide customers with mobile wallet loyalty passes for efficient recognition and richer data at the point of sale.
  • Integrated shopping experience: Seamlessly connect digital and physical shopping with mobile wallet-accessible gift cards and vouchers.

Discover more at Emarsys Mobile Wallet.

TikTok for Digital Ads Integration

TikTok boasts over 1.1 billion active monthly users, making it one of the fastest-growing social media platforms of the year. With this in mind, we wanted to give our customers an easy way to integrate the TikTok channel into the Emarsys platform.

The new TikTok Integration for Digital Ads in our October product release enables Emarsys clients to expand their social reach and accelerate results. Here’s how: 

  • Maximize Return on Ad Spend to increase profitability:​​ Create, sync, and expand audiences across TikTok to connect with consumers on the social channels they prefer.
  • Enhanced omnichannel experiences​​: Complement active campaigns with targeted ads on TikTok and deliver more seamless cross-channel customer experiences that drive conversion​.
  • Seamless inbound lead generation​​: Seamlessly gather all your inbound leads with ad forms that sync directly to the Emarsys platform. Each form populates a dedicated contact list, which can then be used to target with customized welcome programs.
  • Boost your acquisition and retention strategies: Use data-driven customer insights to fuel digital ads that convert leads and re-engage at-risk customers​​.

Learn more about TikTok for Digital Ads integration

Reporting and Analytics Updates

We’ve heard time and time again just how much our customers value the built-in reporting and analytics that Emarsys offers. So, this year, we worked hard to take this a step further.

Read on to discover the key updates and fresh integrations we’ve released to help you optimize your campaigns, deepen your customer relationships and demonstrate the revenue impact of your efforts. 

Google Analytics integration

As a marketer, using Google Analytics effectively is the key to understanding customer behavior and search intent. With our latest Google Analytics integration, you can connect Google Analytics with your Emarsys platform, allowing you to create new segments based on data from Google Analytics such as website events and behavioral data. You will be able to use GA segments in Automation Center to run nurture or lifecycle automation programs. 

  • Gain new customer insights: Use Google Analytics events along with events mapped to contacts in Emarsys to perform segmentation or run automation programs. 
  • Personalize web content with behavioral data: Personalize web content based on web behavior and events, and target customers with product recommendations and relevant content on the channel they are most likely to engage. 

Learn more about Google Analytics integration

Improved Campaign Analytics

We understand that for your omnichannel campaigns to perform at their peak, you need the ability to adapt and optimize over time – this year’s updates to Campaign Analytics in the Emarsys Customer Engagement solution helped marketers to do exactly that. 

The latest enhancements to Campaign Analytics enable you to:

  • Evaluate the performance of your campaigns from a single dashboard, streamlining your workflow and saving you time. 
  • Make informed, data-based decisions more easily, helping you assess campaign effectiveness across the different channels and your database with ease. 
  • Better measure selected campaigns based on factors like engagement (trends), engagement summary, and performances (based on revenue impact). 

Learn more about Campaign Analytics

Audience Reporting

At Emarsys, we strive to enable and encourage continuous experimentation. Released as part of our Spring update, Audience Reporting is a brand-new feature in the Emarsys analytics menu, crafted to help you closely measure the performance of your customer segments and gain the knowledge you need to better engage your target audiences. 

With the actionable insights that come from Audience Reporting, you can craft unique 1:1 experiences that lead to deeper relationships and greater customer loyalty. 

  • Advanced reporting: understand how your activities influence contacts beyond the top-level, revenue & acquisition-based dashboards.
  • Turn data into insights: Turn your data into actionable opportunities to build deeper relationships by identifying common patterns and key attributes among audiences. 
  • Generate bespoke reports: Your campaign managers can quickly export custom reports that clearly demonstrate the impact of your marketing efforts. 

Learn more about Audience Reporting

Enhancements to the Marketer Experience

Everything we do at Emarsys centers around one key goal – bringing Power to the Marketer. That means giving you the insights, analytics and tools you need to achieve more with less and deliver exponentially impactful marketing. Here are some of the top updates we made this year to enhance your marketing experience:

October 2023 – Subject Line Generation with Generative AI

Emarsys October Release 2023: Empowering Marketers Through Innovation | Emarsys

At Emarsys, we’re constantly innovating to ensure we’re providing you with the best omnichannel customer engagement solution available. That’s why we’re embracing AI in our solution wherever possible. 

In our October product release, we introduced Subject Line Generation with Generative AI leveraging the power of AI to empower marketers in building more engaging email content. Here’s how: 

  • Save time on email creation​: Use AI to create subject lines easily based on the email content or simple text prompts​.
  • Make subject lines more creative and engaging: Generate unique subject lines or improve existing ones with data-driven AI suggestions including personalization and emojis​.
  • Optimize email performance and open rates​: A/B test AI-generated and traditional subject lines to discern which emails will drive the most engagement.

This feature is currently in pilot and is due for full release in 2024.

Reusable Content Blocks for Web Channels

We know how important drag-and-drop content blocks and personalization tokens are to keeping your marketing agile and flexible. In 2023, we expanded on this with the new Reusable Content Blocks for channels, starting with Web Channel. 

You’re now able to create customized content blocks for web channel campaigns in seconds, using the HTML editor or drag-and-drop predefined blocks. The best part is that once created, these can be used flexibly across any web channel campaign you create, saving you time and effort. And as this functionality is rolled out to additional channels you’ll realize further benefits:

  • Consistent and easy content management​​: Create, manage, and distribute content for every engagement channel with ease​​.
  • Create once, reuse forever: Once you’ve created a Content Block, you’ll be able to use it in any subsequent channel and campaign without starting from scratch. 
  • Simplify omnichannel campaign execution​​: Connect with more customers across their preferred channel with a single content creation and management workflow​​.
  • Build personalized web experiences: Enrich your content blocks with personalization tokens that update based on customer purchase history and online behavior. 

Learn more about Content Blocks for Web Channels

Black Friday-Cyber Monday Customer Engagement 

Black Friday may only last a week (give or take) but here at Emarsys we spend the other 51 weeks in preparation.  As marketers, we know firsthand how stressful this time of year can be, and we’ve worked hard to ensure our omnichannel engagement platform was ready to perform at scale. 

This year, SAP Emarsys saw an incredible 9% YoY increase in customer engagements over the Black Friday weekend. In 2023, over a 10-day period, we sent the same number of messages that we sent in all of 2018, coupled with 100% uptime and no incidents or experiences outside of SLA.

New integrations between Emarsys and SAP

Next, let’s take a look at some of the key SAP integrations we launched to help our enterprise clients work seamlessly between Emarsys and SAP’s best-in-class CX solutions.

Driving Profitable Commerce: Account Engagement integration with SAP Commerce Cloud (B2B)

Last fall we announced the Account Engagement option, a new add-on solution to SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement that works with SAP Sales Cloud and allows sales teams and marketers to collaborate, accelerating sales performance, and revenue growth.

In Spring 2023, we announced that Account Engagement now also works with SAP Commerce Cloud to deliver more personalized and profitable commerce experiences for B2B buyers. 

B2B marketers can now use commerce data (such as company purchase history), product catalogs, and real-time events (such as abandoned cart, order confirmation, etc.) out-of-the-box to drive personalized commerce interactions through marketing.

The result is increased customer acquisition, account lifetime value and repeat sales through a low-touch, cost-effective channel. And customers using Account Engagement with both SAP Sales and Commerce Cloud can do even more by ensuring Sales, Marketing, and Commerce experiences are synchronized.

Learn more about Account Engagement from Emarsys.

Real-Time Customer Data Cloud (CDC) Emarsys integration

Earlier this year, we completed the integration between the SAP Customer Data Cloud (CDC) and Emarsys. 

Now, if your customer creates an account on your website and it goes through the CDC, then your customer’s information can be transferred to the Emarsys database in real time. 

With this real-time data sync, you’re able to trigger campaigns (such as a Welcome campaign for that new customer) right away, with no delay. This empowers you to be more responsive, more engaging, and overall more sophisticated as you guide your customers on their journeys with your brand.

Learn more about SAP CDC and Emarsys integration

Emarsys Partner Connect launch

In Spring 2023, we said goodbye to the Emarsys Enhance website, our previous partner resource center, and launched Emarsys Partner Connect. 

This provides an easy-to-navigate array of the integrated technology and expert solution partnerships that can help you extend your omnichannel marketing capabilities, accelerate time to value, and deliver more growth and revenue for your business. Plus, it also offers developer resources to help you and your IT team easily onboard Emarsys into your tech stack. 

Learn more about Emarsys Partner Connect