Summer is traditionally a time for slowing down, going on holiday, and soaking up the sun. But at Emarsys, we’re always working hard to drive innovation — and summertime is no exception. 

Our Emarsys July Release 2023 is here, and we have a host of new, innovative features and enhancements to empower you as a marketer. Read on to learn more.

Mobile Wallet: New Channel, New Way to Engage

If you haven’t heard, back in June we announced a new channel for the Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform: Mobile Wallet

With Mobile Wallet, you can natively launch personalized campaigns with digital wallet passes such as digital vouchers, coupons, tickets, and loyalty cards. By incorporating Mobile Wallet in your omnichannel mix, you can reach mobile customers anywhere with relevant rewards and offers without needing an app. You’ll be able to remove the friction of in-store identification and close the loop on the digital to in-store experience. 

Considering that more than 50% of consumers say there is “no need to carry a physical wallet” now that they have a mobile wallet, this channel is becoming a vital touchpoint for connecting with customers.

“Mobile is the one channel that’s always with the customer, so it’s an important part of our omnichannel mix. Mobile Wallet in particular allows us to reach customers anywhere they’re at, which unlocks a whole new set of use cases to better connect our digital and in-store experiences.” 

— James Neill, Customer Lifecycle Manager, City Beach

Learn more about Emarsys’s Natively Built Mobile Wallet Channel here.

New Platform Capabilities, Features, and Enhancements to Empower You

Let’s dive into just some of the fresh new features and enhancements for the Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform, included in the Emarsys July Release 2023.

1. Enhanced Marketer’s Experience

Here are some new features specifically to help improve the day-to-day marketing experience working in the Emarsys platform and creating successful marketing campaigns.

Undo / Redo Action in the VCE Campaign Editor

Even the best marketers can make a mistake. And without an easy undo/redo feature, one little slip-up can really slow down the process.

Fortunately, we’ve added a new feature that will help with this: undo/redo actions in the VCE campaign editor. 

With this feature, you can navigate between your past/present actions while editing content to revert changes. Now, you can restore a block deleted by accident, undo text or style changes, or even undo the adding or removing of links. This ensures you can work faster and deliver results quicker. 

Support Multiple Environments in Account Switcher

Time is money, and if you’re one of our many clients who’s marketing for multiple brands or accounts, you know how valuable it is to move quickly, serving each audience’s needs. This new feature allows you to easily switch between multiple account environments when working in more than one account. 

2. Reporting and Analytics Global Availability

Reporting and analytics ensure you’re well-informed and can monitor exactly how your work is driving toward achieving business goals. Let’s look at a few new features to improve reporting and analytics global availability.

Audience Reporting

Your marketing instincts usually will serve you well, but when it comes to making marketing decisions that can have impact on the business, nothing beats data-driven insights. 

The new audience reporting capability in the Emarsys July Release 2023 gives you comparative metrics on customer groups of contacts, allowing you to better understand how your marketing efforts influence your target audiences. It also helps you more accurately measure engagement across different channels. With this insight, you can optimize your efforts, validate the creation of segments, gauge audience response to personalization, and ensure greater outcomes over time. 

Revenue Attribution for In-App

One of your most important responsibilities as a marketer is to drive revenue for the business, which makes the ability to measure revenue impact vital. 

The new revenue attribution for in-app feature enables you to see how your push and in-app mobile campaigns are affecting revenue and results — even down to the campaign level. As a result, you can more readily prove marketing’s impact on revenue, or identify opportunities for improvement within your in-app campaigns. 

3. Web Channel and Mobile Updates

We’ve created some new features and enhancements to help you improve engagement across web and mobile channels. 

Local storage-based tracking

With third-party cookies on the way out, you need a way to engage with customers on your website as online advertising regulation evolves. Emarsys has introduced local storage-based tracking, in addition to first-party cookies, to track when a user interacts and behaves on a website. This improvement will allow you to generate product and content recommendations for anonymized customers with the same tracking abilities as it stores data on the user’s device by creating a local identifier. However, it differentiates from third-party cookies in that local storage is more resilient against browsers that block tracking while still being compliant with cookie regulations.   

Re-designed Web Channel Session Filter Builder

The Session Filters builder has a new look!

We’ve re-designed and updated the Session Filters builder under Web Channel. This new version, which supports OR operator, makes advanced filtering logic possible and provides a more user-friendly experience as you build session filters to reach the right customer at the right time. 

SMS Partner Integration API

Have an SMS partner you prefer? Great! Now you can integrate your preferred vendor with the Emarsys SMS services, with minimal need for IT. 

With this API, you can quickly launch personalized SMS campaigns without considerable assistance needed from your SMS partner. You can more easily drive loyalty and retention with SMS-based loyalty updates, and deliver specialized SMS-based offers to keep customers engaged and connected with your brand.

Coming Soon: TikTok Integration 

Although this new feature is still in the works, we couldn’t wait to give an update. We are announcing the expansion of our Digital Ads (formerly known as CRM ads) network with TikTok! 

TikTok boasts more than 1.6 billion users — and growing. With this integration, you’ll be able to find new audiences and more easily engage social users on the social channels they prefer. 

This will make it easier to create exciting and immersive content that represents your brand and expands your omnichannel strategy. Plus you’ll have the ability to create TikTok custom and lookalike audiences, which is a powerful tool for remarketing. This will also help with reaching possible repeat customers, increasing followers, and driving engagement.

4. New Connectors and Integrations

New integrations and partner connections are available so you can achieve more in less time. 

Integrations for SAP Account Engagement and SAP Customer Data Solution

For SAP clients, we now have enhanced integration capability between SAP Emarsys Account Engagement and SAP Sales Cloud, the new Sales Cloud v2 for our B2B customers, and Customer Data Solution. These integrations will allow for more consistent customer field parity and contact management across solutions, which means faster, more accurate customer segmentation and 1:1 personalized engagements. You can complete integrations in minutes, without the need for IT, and the integrations allow for quick contact data sync and campaign launch across B2B and B2C customers.  

Introducing Emarsys Partner Connect 

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just refreshed our partner ecosystem: Emarsys Partner Connect.

This replaces the Emarsys Enhance website, our previous partner resource center, to provide an easy-to-navigate array of the integrated technology and expert solution partnerships that can help you extend your omnichannel marketing capabilities, accelerate time to value, and deliver more growth and revenue for your business. Plus, it also offers developer resources to help you and your IT team easily onboard Emarsys into your tech stack. 

More innovation to come!

At Emarsys, we always innovate to deliver the best omnichannel customer engagement solution for marketers. Partly because it’s our passion, but also because we love our customers. We want to ensure you’re fully empowered to deliver the highly personalized omnichannel experiences that your audiences want while driving the growth and revenue your business demands.

The Emarsys July Release 2023 is a continuation of our promise to always innovate. But it doesn’t stop here — we’ll have plenty more innovations to come. Check out our Emarsys Product Release hub for more information about our latest releases, including videos and resources, as well as links to our user community and product pioneer opportunities.