When I say the Power to the Marketer Festival (Oct. 4–6) will be more ambitious, more exciting, and more enriching for attendees than anything we’ve ever done before, I’m not exaggerating. 

We always set the bar high when it comes to delivering valuable content and quality events, both in-person and digitally, but this year, I’ve challenged our team to raise the bar even further… and that’s exactly what they’re doing. This year we’re celebrating the special strengths that empower you to make a positive impact on your business and your customers. You’re constantly using your creativity, your deep knowledge of your customers, and your technical skills to get the job done. At the same time, you’re also under constant pressure — pressure to boost customer engagement and loyalty, demonstrate measurable results, and reduce your budget, all while also growing the business. 

That’s why the Power to the Marketer Festival will be centered around you and bringing you the marketing strategy, industry expertise, and real-world insights to help you drive measurable business results.

Watch this short video about the event to get an idea of what I mean:

Here are five of the top reasons for you to join me, numerous expert speakers, your marketing peers, and the Emarsys team at the festival: 

1. Enjoy a Flexible, Timezone-Busting Agenda

I don’t know about you, but when I attend an event, I don’t enjoy being boxed into a single track that might not always fit my personal goals. It also bothers me when there are two intriguing sessions happening live at the same time, forcing me to decide which one I have to miss. 

At the Power to the Marketer Festival, you aren’t locked into any track, and even if you miss a live session, you can always catch it on-demand. We’re enabling you to engage with content at any time, from all over the globe!

During this truly hybrid event, you can:

  • Join live, in-person sessions in New York, London, Paris, Berlin, and Sydney.
  • Watch sessions live online, from anywhere in the world.
  • Catch up with on-demand sessions at your convenience.

Timezones can’t hold us (or you) back.

2. Recondition Those Social Skills

Whether you join in-person or remotely, we want to make sure you have a chance to connect with your peers. Join us at our in-person venues for opportunities to connect face to face. And remote attendees can jump into our breakout sessions and 1:1 chats in our virtual conference space. 

3. Hear from Expert Speakers at Top Brands

You know that when you attend one of our events, you’ll hear great stories of marketing success from leading brands, and you’ll walk away with ideas you can act on. We’re inspiring your marketing strategy with tactics for increased success and efficiency around these five key topics:

  • Connected Data: Unifying, growing, and creating strategies with data to personalize campaigns and drive reliable growth.​
  • Content & Channels: Staying relevant to customers by scaling sophisticated channel-specific and cross-channel personalization strategies.​ 
  • Personalization with Automation: Enhancing relevancy using real-time event triggers and best practice automation strategies.​
  • Lifecycle & Loyalty: Driving acquisition, retention, and overall lifetime value (LTV) with cross-channel lifecycle and loyalty strategies.
  • AI & Analytics: Using AI and analytics to reliably track impact, make smarter optimization decisions, and forecast campaign performance to drive the best outcomes.

To give you an idea of what’s in store, here’s a look at some of the featured brands from last year:

2021 Retail Revival Speakers 1

In the coming weeks, we’ll begin announcing speakers for this year’s festival, so stay tuned. 

4. Get Practical Training

As wonderful as it is to hear stories of other marketers succeeding, at the end of an event, don’t you want to know how to actually use the knowledge they’ve shared to drive your own success? I for one love to be able to actually apply what I learn. 

At the Power to the Marketer Festival, you can expect workshops, training, and sessions with Emarsys partners to help show you the way.

5. Discover What Emarsys Can Do

You have the creativity, and you have the customer knowledge, but those won’t get you far without the right martech. 

As part of this time of celebrating marketers, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the full power of Emarsys.

  • Get true 1:1 engagement with personalized, automated marketing. Find out how you can take your marketing to a new level and deliver experiences that are tailored and timely. And make it scalable! 
  • Create seamless omnichannel experiences. See how our customer engagement solution brings together all your channels (in person and digital), making it possible to connect with customers where they want to engage. 
  • Harness the power of AI and analytics. You can reliably track marketing impact, make smarter optimization decisions, and forecast your performance. As a marketing leader myself, I especially love that predictability factor!

Watch product demonstrations that show you new ways to open up connections with your customers and drive real business results. 

+1 Bonus Reason: You Deserve It!

I’ve shared five exciting reasons to join our Power to the Marketer Festival. But when you get down to it, what better reason do you need to attend besides the fact that you deserve it? You deserve the time to reconnect with your peers, with the ideas and tools that empower you, and most of all, with your purpose in marketing — the purpose to make real connections between people and brands that touch their lives.

Join the festivities and get empowered!

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