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Create sophisticated, personalized emails at scale with our AI powered email marketing platform. Integrate email with every channel to launch campaigns that increase repeat purchase, average order value and customer lifetime value.

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Impactful email marketing goes beyond personalizing someone’s name in a subject line. Deliver true 1:1 experiences, in real time, based on what your customers bought, and what they engaged with across multiple channels with Emarsys.


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Unify your customer, product and sales data

Our Data Layer creates a single customer view by unifying all your first-party data.

Leverage unified customer profiles and lifecycle segments made available through automation campaigns to deliver 1:1 omnichannel personalization.


Deliver true 1:1 personalization across multiple channels

Emarsys achieves true 1:1 personalization by personalizing based on customer lifecycle stage, product affinity and purchase behaviour. 

Better yet, Emarsys is channel agnostic, so you only need to build your personalizations once and they can be applied across every channel.

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Save 1,000s of hours with our drag-and-drop email builder

Sending in multiple languages, A/B testing, and personalizing emails is made quick and easy with our intuitive Visual Content Editor. 

Drag-and-drop your code, images, block-based content and personalization tokens straight into your email. Proof your campaign in various previews (including mobile) and hit ‘schedule’.

“We’re at a point now, I’m really pleased to say, that if we send half a million emails, we’re sending half a million different emails. Every single email is unique to that individual customer and what they want to buy and what they’re interested in based on what we know about them. So that’s been a massive, massive help for us.”

David Witts

David Witts
CRM Manager, PUMA Europe

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Use Open Time Content to improve email marketing ROI

Open Time Content allows you to automatically add context-sensitive content in real-time at the exact moment a recipient interacts with your message. 

OTC uses factors such as customer preferences, location and time of day to personalize email content and increase engagement by an average of 20%.

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Surface revenue opportunities with real-time dashboards

The Strategic Dashboard shows how personalization and marketing automation affects customer lifetime value, repeat purchase and average order value.

Prioritize marketing activities and find the right growth opportunities at the right time.

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