COVID-19 Retail Response:

5 Ingredients of a Digital-Led Strategy
That Drives Business Results

Learn from our clients the 5 crucial ingredients necessary to successfully shift to digital.

What’s Inside

  • First-hand insights from brands successfully using digital marketing to accelerate business outcomes, including:
    • Cue Clothing Co.
    • Brand Alley 
    • World Remit
    • eBags
    • Runtastic 
    • City Beach
  • Why now, more than ever, brands must unify their customer data to gain a single view of the customer  
  • How brands benefit from focusing on customer lifecycle marketing
  • Why engaging customers at every single touchpoint matters (even when true omnichannel marketing isn’t an option)
  • Why delivering 1:1 personalized  customer experiences is critical for building customer loyalty
  • Tips for aligning your objectives to digital-led strategies and tactics that drive results
  • First-hand insights from brands

White paper

5 Ingredients of a Digital-Led Strategy That Drives Business Results [ebook]

Traditional retail will never be the same

Even before the onset of COVID-19, long-established retail models were being challenged. But the threat of the virus delivered the final blow as many countries were forced into nationwide lockdowns.

Nearly all retailers (save for a select few) have had to close their doors, eliminating an important customer touchpoint, not to mention losing their in-store revenue. The result: Traditional retail, as we knew it, is forever changed.

Brands that responded to COVID-19 with a digital-led strategy are still driving business results

The good news: Retail brands that have prioritized or completely shifted to a digital-led strategy are still delivering engaging customer experiences and still driving business results.

But for those brands still accustomed to the old ways of retail, or those just now transitioning, what does a successful digital-led strategy require?

In this ebook, we share with you the 5 ingredients of a digital-led strategy that helps brands drive business results.

Inside, clients such as…

  • Cue Clothing Co.
  • Brand Alley
  • World Remit
  • eBags
  • Runtastic
  • City Beach

…offer you the tips and tactics used by their brands to engage customers and accelerate business outcomes — not only to survive COVID-19, but to achieve long-term success in the months and years ahead.

Chris Seahorn · SVP of Marketing & Merchandising, eBags

"The bar is being set really high for customer expectations and relevancy. The way to bridge the gap of personas from segmentation to individualized marketing is a challenge. The marketers that can do that right and work with the right technology platforms to help personalize that message for right, relevant, valuable experiences are the ones that will win. And frankly, customers are going to expect it."


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