Emarsys Smart Insights and Predict tools produce significant increases in customer engagement with better product and email recommendations

PARIS, FRANCE, December 28th, 2018Emarsys, the largest independent marketing platform company in the world, announces that Zoomalia, an online store dedicated to pets, has selected Emarsys AI marketing platform to customize and automate its digital marketing campaigns. Operational since June 2018, the Emarsys solution had already produced tangible results after four short months. The Zoomalia team received great support from Emarsys’s strategic consultancy throughout the implementation phase and was able to launch its first automated digital campaigns without delay.

Using the Emarsys business intelligence tool Smart Insights and recommendation engine Predict, Zoomalia has seen marked improvements in personalized product recommendations which have led to a huge uptick in customer engagement and a significant increase in open rates.  Real time analytics has helped the marketing team become much more effective in terms of their ability to tailor each and every marketing campaign to individual customers.

Founded in 2008, Zoomalia is a fast-growing online pet store with a presence in France, Spain, UK and German markets. Based in the Landes area of France, it employs more than 70 people and distributes 30,000 products including accessories for dogs, cats, rodents, birds, reptiles, aquarium fish and even farm animals. It has created more than 10 specialized brands designed specifically to satisfy the whims and wants of species for which it caters.

Laurent Primaux, Zoomalia’s Technical Director, heard about Emarsys through another satisfied customer, also in the e-commerce sector. After seeing a demonstration, he did not hesitate to onboard the solution. “From the outset, we appreciated the fact we could start using the solution immediately without the need for a data specialist, as the Smart Insight function provided us with what we needed. Then, the Predict function finished convincing us, showing us the benefits of personalizing our emails,” he says.

In particular, the site now has good visibility of areas that need improving from a content perspective. A/B tests are performed with a control audience, which allows the company to determine which creative and text will generate the best results.

Despite steady growth in sales, the site suffered in 2017 from low engagement. Additionally, the previous solution was quite basic and unable to optimize content for different devices and channels. The company decided to look for a better and more advanced solution capable of customizing and automating its campaigns. The Emarsys platform – specifically the Predict engine has proved extremely effective in this sense.

Hugely satisfied with the results produced in a few months, Zoomalia has still only scratched the surface of the platform’s potential. “Due to time constraints, so far we have only had a very partial view of what the solution can bring us, and we will now start exploring all its features, in order to have a real vision of its potential in the long term,” Primaux concluded.

“We want to help companies save time with Marketing Automation. Zoomalia has been able to take advantage of it and we are delighted with the results they are already experiencing,” says Amaury Martin, General Manager France of Emarsys. Zoomalia plans to extend the Emarsys solution to manage its digital campaigns in Spain, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom in the near future.


About Zoomalia.com

Zoomalia.com is an online store dedicated to pets. The site, specializes in accessories and pet-food, allows all pet owners to shopper for their pets the necessary (and superfluous!) to accompany them throughout their needs: training, play, food and comfort. The site markets a comprehensive range of products that satisfies all their needs, whether they are dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, rodents or even gallinaceous.