Omnichannel engagement platform Emarsys today announces its partnership with Tiendamia, the Uruguayan born cross-border trade ecommerce platform with headquarters in Miami, USA. Emarsys will provide the automation, personalization, and marketing outreach technologies required to improve customer retention and offer insight into future customer behaviors.

Serving customers across ten LATAM countries, Tiendamia sought a tool capable of scaling its omnichannel communications, while also providing more insight into the customers on the end of any messaging. The platform also needed to be able to offer some prediction features, allowing Tiendamia to improve the recommendations delivered to their customers.

Emarsys’ offering won out from a pool of four competitors with Tiendamia selecting the capacity to unify sales, product, and transactional data to understand customer profile and enable 1:1 personalization and orchestrate sophisticated cross-channel campaigns amongst others. The integration is scheduled to complete in Q3 2023.

“Emarsys was the most complete solution for us” commented Iral Onetto, Customer Lifecycle Manager, Tiendamia. “The ease of use, the ability to automate and scale in an intelligent manner, and the versatility of the platform were ultimately a real dealmaker for us.”

“As an ecommerce platform, Tiendamia is especially well-placed to understand the value of omnichannel outreach when it comes to caring for their customers”, commented Megan Hostetler, Global Senior Product Marketing Manager, Emarsys. “By partnering with Emarsys, Tiendamia will be able to deliver personalized communications at scale, surface greater insight into what their customers want, and ruthlessly prioritize their outreach to deliver the right product at the pivotal moment.”