Company shifts focus to building community and customer loyalty through reimagined strategy

Today, omnichannel customer engagement platform SAP Emarsys announced its partnership with Tekmovil, an innovative mobile technology distribution company that represents major telecommunications providers in online and physical locations across the U.S. and Latin America.

Working with major names like Xiaomi, Samsung, Nokia, Bang & Olufsen, T-Mobile for America Móvil, and others, Tekmovil brings phones and adjacent technologies to customers directly. Reaching more than 2.5 million users over the last three years, Tekmovil saw a need to redefine their key performance indicators (KPIs) to match their rapid growth and improve relationships with customers to keep them coming back.

“Consumers might not identify personalization in a marketing campaign, but they certainly notice when communications are timely or totally off base,” said Cristian Serrano, E-Commerce General Manager at Tekmovil. “Success is more than sales, which should be the consequence of our marketing approach – not the primary objective. We wanted to cultivate communities, create experiences, and build customer loyalty from the ground up.”

In this pursuit, Tekmovil needed a partner who could support their strategic vision, help them enhance their business and identify the right KPIs. SAP Emarsys gave the company the ability to bring marketing activities into one central source, providing faster service, and enhancing their team’s time investment so they could focus on the most impactful tasks that drive a positive customer experience.

Through this reimagining of KPIs and working with SAP Emarsys, Tekmovil’s customer repurchase rates skyrocketed from 3% to 20% in just three months. Rather than focusing only on increasing sales, Tekmovil implemented a strategy that considers not just factors like rates of cancelled orders and outsourced accounts, but also end users’ attitudes and relationships with the brands they purchased.

“Tekmovil is truly a wonderful customer to work with because they understand the impact of customer loyalty on the bottom line,” said Sara Richter, CMO at SAP Emarsys. “We look forward to our continued collaboration and supporting Tekmovil as they further enhance their relationships with their customers and grow their business.”

“It feels as if we have found the Ferrari of marketing automation platforms,” Serrano continued. “Everything made sense in choosing SAP Emarsys to help us expand and grow our customer experiences.”

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