Focus on mobile, SMS and web push channels, with personalization and loyalty key focuses 

March 22 2023, Indianapolis, US – SAP Emarsys has announced the latest quarterly update to its omnichannel customer engagement platform, with more power and greater flexibility to deliver real-time personalization and build brand loyalty is the focus behind many new features and functionality. 

As introduced to new and existing customers at Shoptalk 2023, the development of new features has primarily targeted building an even stronger ominichannel solution with enhancements across: mobile, SMS, web push channels, and more: 

  • Web Push Trigger for automation, allowing marketers to automatically trigger web push campaigns through interactions, and engaging with customs based on their behavior and/or custom events in real-time; 
  • Real-time updates to mobile push notifications, enabling marketers to send one update to an existing notification rather than a bevy of now-obsolete ones that could irritate a customer; 
  • Industry specific use cases powered by Mention Me, allowing marketers to activate customer referral program tactics to drive customer advocates and new acquisition SMS partner integration API, letting Emarsys customers use their preferred partner to send personalized texts to customers; 
  • Account Engagement integration with SAP Commerce Cloud (B2B), helping deliver more personalized and profitable experiences for B2B buyers with commerce data.

The announcement also introduces a host of new integrations, UI enhancement and platform updates, including new industry specific tactics with new filters for personalization rules, native support for emojis in Emarsys’s VCE editor, new filtering options for marketing segment analysis, more customizability for loyalty point campaigns, and the completion of data integration between the SAP Customer Data Cloud (CDC) and Emarsys.  

“Customer relationships are built over time – there is no quick fix which is what makes timeliness so crucial in marketing,” commented Kelsey Jones, Global Head of Product Marketing, Emarsys. “Personalization and relevance are the name of the game, so by delivering your understanding and respect for a customer at the right time, you lay the foundations for a relationship that benefits the both of you.” 

“The latest enhancements to the Emarsys platform is all about giving you the tools to save time and craft a strong bond between you and your customer. From building your techstack to curating one-to-one interactions, we’re helping marketers to ruthlessly prioritize what really matters in their day to day.” 

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