Emarsys marketing platform, including newly launched AI-optimized Web Channel solution, allows Showpo to increase revenue and drive more effective customer engagement

Sydney, AUSTRALIA October 25, 2017 Emarsys, the largest independent marketing platform company in the world, announces that Australian-based international online retailer Showpo, has chosen the Emarsys artificial intelligence (AI) optimized marketing platform to increase revenue, improve customer engagement and sharpen its competitive edge. Over the last eight months, Showpo has focused on delivering highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns using the Emarsys platform, which has boosted revenue.

Based on this success, Showpo has begun trialing additional Emarsys technologies, to improve customer engagement. This includes the new Emarsys AI-optimized Web Channel solution, launched today. The new solution transforms Showpo’s website into a highly-personalized communication channel that is natively integrated into their omnichannel experience.

By leveraging the Emarsys AI-optimized marketing platform, including its Web ChannelAI, PredictAI, Automation Centre and Discovery solutions, Showpo is enjoying highly personalized marketing capabilities, which effortlessly put the shopper at the heart of its campaigns. This allows for the seamless orchestration of campaigns to allow the Showpo marketing team to focus on dynamic and vibrant content and creative materials that make their marketing efforts even more effective. As a result of these ongoing activities, Showpo has experienced overall revenue increase, less time spent on campaign production and manual segmentation, and an increase in overall customer satisfaction and engagement.

“It’s important to us as a business to communicate effectively with our customers, especially as we enter new markets and territories across the globe, including the US, UK and Germany. It’s vital that the team is empowered to deliver personalized, relevant and engaging content to our customers at the right time,” said Mark Baartse, CMO at Showpo. “The Emarsys platform has helped us to achieve great results over the last eight months and, based on that success, we’re now implementing other Emarsys solutions. In particular, we’re excited to use the data we hold with Emarsys to unlock personalized experiences on our website using its new Web Channel solution, and roll out a truly integrated omnichannel experience for our customers.”

Showpo is an early adopter of the new Emarsys AI-optimized Web Channel solution, launched this week. The new solution will transform its website into a highly-personalized communication channel that is natively integrated into the retailer’s omnichannel experience. By targeting and treating website visitors differently with personalized content and offers, based on a clear understanding of their loyalty status through the CRM and real-time data, Showpo will be able to unlock the true value of its website.

“With only one member of the team using the Emarsys platform day-to-day, we need a system in place that allows us to focus on producing great content that will speak to our audience, rather than operational admin,” continued Baartse. “Emarsys has found a sweet spot in the market by providing the right tools and levels of integration to support the growing needs of organizations like ours. The results we’ve experienced so far demonstrate how powerful marketing can be. We look forward to further increasing customer conversion, retention and win-back rates with help from Emarsys over the coming months.”

Showpo is also trialing the use of Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey integration to gauge customer loyalty, from post purchase and customer satisfaction surveys, then provide the insight to the customer support and marketing teams. Insights derived from this data are leveraged to maximize interactions across the entire customer lifecycle, driving Showpo’s customer segmentation and further personalization of individual campaigns. In addition, Showpo is investigating Emarsys’ Smart InsightAI tool for smarter targeting of customers to reduce churn whilst increasing engagement and the lifetime value of shoppers.

Heath Barlow, Australasian Market Lead at Emarsys concluded: “Showpo is nothing less than a homegrown success story. As we watch this fashion institution take the world by storm, and enter new markets, we look forward to empowering the team with the right tools to support ongoing growth and market momentum.”

About Showpo

Showpo is one of Australia’s fastest growing and most successful women’s online fashion stores. Showpo turned over $10m in FY15 and is currently selling to over 50 countries. Recently picked by Mashable as one of 4 Exciting Australian Startups to Watch in 2016, by Business Insider as the 5 Australian Startups to Watch in 2016 and nominated by The Sydney Morning Herald as the 7 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2016, 2017 is sure is going to be another exciting year for Showpo!