Leading online lighting supplier replaces email service provider Bronto, with new omnichannel approach centralizing marketing data, visibility and control

Indianapolis — Emarsys, the omnichannel customer engagement specialist, today announces its partnership with Bulbs.com, the B2B commercial lighting distributor. The move consolidates all of Bulbs’ marketing channels into a single platform, drastically enhancing the organisation’s ability to coordinate cohesive customer journeys from first-contact to checkout and beyond.

Bulbs.com sought to improve differentiatation between audiences that require a unique experience in an industry where segments can easily become muddied. Guaranteeing a suitable customer experience and the right specialist resources – for example, not sending an industrial lighter to replace kitchen lamps – is paramount.

Despite only signing a contract in May, Bulbs.com has already been able to define customer journeys more clearly, improving search engine marketing (SEM) and customer segmentation in comparison to using Bronto, their previous system. The move to an omnichannel platform rather than a new ESP system has centralized the data of all of these audiences from four or five disparate systems, clarifying which customers need which solution.

On top of this, superior automation tools have made it much easier to create triggered marketing automations for these segments, personalized to genuinely reflect behavior and preference of each individual. Personalized emails and workflows are now being delivered far quicker than before, while the website can now tie email and advert together to create a cohesive journey.

This is partially thanks to the Lead Developer – who previously worked on the application programming interface (APIs) for marketing campaigns with Bronto – now having a far more cohesive view of what happens on the front-end product works. He’s now considered an internal champion for Emarsys technology, which is indicative of how quickly the platform has made a positive impact.

Gregg Walker, VP of Ecommerce, Bulbs.com, commented: “Technologies acquired by Oracle tend to be absorbed into the machine, rather than developed for their own merit. Partnering with Emarsys not only brought our email capabilities back up to speed, but allowed us to consolidate them as part of a cohesive, centralized strategy that makes things easier for everyone.

“There’s always a learning curve moving to a new system, but it was handled so well. Intensive Zoom training has made sure we’re already back to where we were in terms of automation despite the pandemic restrictions, and we can now action marketing emails and workflows far quicker than before.”

Sara Richter, CMO, Emarsys, commented: “The last year has been a revolutionary period of growth for ecommerce platforms. Ambitious businesses are looking to the platforms that can offer the most power and versatility for their buck.

“Moving from an ESP to an omnichannel provider is a natural step – particularly given how many consumers are trying new devices, or using more of them, while still demanding the same personalized journey. Bulbs.com has recognized the value of a system that makes their customer data as accessible and accurate as possible, and the potential it has to drive predictable, profitable growth.”

About Bulbs.com

Bulbs.com is headquartered in Worcester, MA and is a leading online supplier of LED lighting products. Established in August 1999, Bulbs.com provides lighting products to over 200,000 commercial customers operating across 300,000 global locations in the hospitality, retail, property management, healthcare, manufacturing, government, education, industrial and municipal sectors. For more information visit bulbs.com.