The SAP Emarsys and VTEX connector, built by Driven.CX, is empowering retailers like Levi’s Brazil with data-driven customer experience strategies

Indianapolis – 24 June 2024 – Creating a highly personalized, omnichannel experience is no longer a choice for brands; it’s what customers demand, with 75% of global consumers expecting personalization in marketing communications. To enable retailers to meet this growing demand, SAP Emarsys, a leading customer engagement platform, and VTEX, an enterprise digital commerce platform are launching a new connector between their platforms to aid retailers in connecting data from across the enterprise.

Combining the advanced marketing automation of SAP Emarsys with the agile and scalable commerce capabilities of VTEX, enables brands to increase revenue by delivering a more efficient, automated and personalized journey for customers.

“We know that good data is the key to creating highly personalized omnichannel experiences, and this new connector with VTEX allows enterprise brands to more easily integrate and utilize the valuable first-party data from all touchpoints along their customers’ journey,” said Pablo Cáceres, Regional Revenue Lead at SAP Emarsys.

New capabilities within the SAP Emarsys and VTEX connector include:

  • Brands are now able to integrate orders, catalogs and customers in a simple, robust and parameterizable way.
  • Leverage deep customer insights and data, such as, browsing, purchase history and product and category interest to drive personalized engagements, while increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value.

45% of global consumers expect personalized offers in exchange for loyalty to a brand and the new connector is already empowering retailers like Levi’s Brazil to maximize their use of customer data to deliver a seamless and personalized shopping experience across all digital touchpoints. This visibility allows for increased segmentation, more targeted personalization and automated tactics in Levi’s Brazil’s marketing strategy. Within the first six months, Levi’s Brazil has seen a 32% increase in revenue generation and over 15,000 customers with repurchase and engagement tactics.

The connector between VTEX and SAP Emarsys, developed by Driven.CX, is available now for brands operating in North and South America & the European region. Learn more here: