SAP Emarsys, the leading omnichannel customer engagement platform, has announced its October 2023 product update, featuring a host of new features and improvements across web, email, and digital ads channels. These enhancements are complemented by additional reporting and analytics functionalities, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights into campaign profitability. By providing tools to effectively connect with audiences and foster greater brand advocacy, these updates enable marketers to deliver more personalized omnichannel experiences that enhance customer loyalty.

Three Channel Updates are set to showcase the power of scaling omnichannel personalization. The integration of a new channel – TikTok – for Digital Ads offers marketers a unique opportunity to tap into TikTok’s vast user base, expand their brand’s social reach, and accelerate results. The introduction of Content Blocks for the Web Channel streamlines content customization. And finally, the innovative Customer Segmentation via SMS means this update is set to redefine customer engagement. These features are designed to empower businesses in extending their reach, enhancing content management, and delivering personalized experiences, ultimately strengthening connections with customers to drive true loyalty.

1) TikTok: New Channel for Digital Ads

A significant update in this release is the integration of a new channel, TikTok, for Digital Ads. This new feature allows digital marketers to extend their social reach on a large scale, enabling the creation, synchronization, and expansion of audiences across TikTok’s 1.06 billion active users.

2) Content Blocks for Web Channel

This innovative feature empowers marketers to efficiently create and customize content blocks, ensuring both time savings and brand consistency across engagement channels – guaranteeing your brand looks and feels the same no matter where or how customers interact with it, while reducing the time it takes to achieve positive outcomes. With a strategic focus on scaling content across campaigns, SAP Emarsys plans to extend these capabilities to various other channels in the near future, underscoring its continued dedication to providing comprehensive and efficient solutions for marketers.

3) Customer Segmentation via SMS

This release introduces the ability to create and filter customer segments based on SMS contacts. Marketers can leverage this feature to enhance mobile customer engagement and improve purchase frequency through personalized offers and points redemption – both of which are critical drivers of loyalty. As revealed in the SAP Emarsys 2023 Customer Loyalty Index report, 46% of global consumers now expect “personalized offers” in exchange for their loyalty.

Other updates in the SAP Emarsys October 2023 release include:

Efficient Marketing with Generative AI

The release introduces new generative AI capabilities to help marketers create compelling content, such as subject lines, content block and semantic search and insertion of products that deliver the right message to the right audience. The new subject line and content block generation gives marketers the ability to leverage GenAI to create targeted, compelling email content that produces profitable personalization. Additionally, SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud will integrate two new generative AI capabilities: AI-Generated Summary and Email Response Generation, enhancing user interactions and improving customer service.

Google Analytics Integration

SAP Emarsys is set to introduce a Google Analytics Integration in the coming months. This integration will enable marketers to seamlessly connect their Google Analytics account with the Emarsys platform. It will allow users to enhance their contact database and automation programs with web data and analytics, and create custom segments based on Google Analytics insights, such as website event and behavioral data. This development aims to provide marketers with a more data-driven and efficient approach to customer engagement.

Kelsey Jones, Global Head of Product Marketing at SAP Emarsys, stated, “As shown in our 2023 Customer Loyalty Index report, 50% of US shoppers consider loyalty cards or accounts to have a significant influence on their spending with a brand. At a time when brand loyalty is both volatile and crucial to success, marketers must focus on incentivizing loyalty through discounts, loyalty points, and personalized offers.

“At SAP Emarsys, our mission is to empower marketers to deliver personalized omnichannel experiences while driving the growth and revenue of their businesses, and the SAP Emarsys October Release reflects our commitment to innovation and our promise to empower marketers.”

For detailed information about all updates in the October release, including videos, resources, and links to the user community, please visit the Emarsys Product Release hub.