New research finds a massive 91% of UAE shoppers say AI has improved their retail experiences  

Dubai, UAE, May 9, 2024 – SAP Emarsys today announces its AI Product Finder, a new tool that revolutionizes how brands recommend products and personalize their customer experiences. The new Product Finder was previewed this week at the SAP Emarsys Power to the Marketer event at Josette, and comes as a response to a significant rise in consumer demand for AI in commerce, with SAP Emarsys data showing 91% of UAE shoppers think artificial intelligence has improved their retail experiences.  

With Generative AI now taking center stage across many industries, SAP Emarsys is reaffirming its decade-long AI heritage through the announcement of new AI tools designed to empower marketers and new industry-leading research into AI.   

The new research, which surveyed 2,000 consumers and 150 marketers in the United Arab Emirates, found that 44% of consumers believe AI has made shopping easier. Nearly a third (28%) also feel that AI is helping to make their retail experiences more personal, while 45% say AI helps them to find new products.  

As a result of these benefits, 85% of shoppers now want to see greater integration of AI into retail — a major boost in consumer demand.    

But it’s not just shoppers who benefit. The UAE is one of the fastest-growing digital markets globally, with rapid investments in technologies like artificial intelligence fuelling innovation. This is reflected by over three quarters of UAE marketers (78%) having increased their investment in artificial intelligence in 2024. Of these, 80% attribute a boost in customer engagement to AI, while 80% also report a boost in customer loyalty.  

Recognizing the crucial role of AI, SAP Emarsys is excited to announce a pilot for its innovative AI Product Finder. Alongside its AI Subject Line Generator, this marks the beginning of a series of AI-powered solution updates to be unveiled at the company’s annual Omnichannel Masterclass virtual event for marketers, on June 12th and 13th.    

The AI Product Finder will enable intuitive search of a brand’s extensive product catalog, allowing marketers and retailers to quickly locate and incorporate the most suitable products into their campaigns. Provided as an out-of-the-box solution for email marketing campaigns, the new Product Finder is designed to revolutionize how marketers find and recommend relevant products. Marketers are empowered to work more efficiently by scaling creation of highly curated product content that improves message relevancy and engagement.    

Sara Richter, SAP Emarsys CMO makes her closing remarks on AI at Power to the Marketer, Josette, Dubai 

SAP Emarsys leads with an AI-first approach, helping over 1,500 global customers, including renowned brands like Gibson Brands and PUMA, to achieve a competitive advantage by fostering true customer loyalty through AI-driven omnichannel personalization. As Chief Marketing Officer at SAP Emarsys, Sara Richter, emphasises, “We prioritise a relevant, reliable and responsible AI approach, empowering marketers to innovate and rethink the potential of a new era of marketing. By embedding AI into everything we do, SAP Emarsys empowers our customers to save time and effort on complex tasks, enabling them to focus on ROI and delivering unparalleled customer experiences.”

Maintaining rigorous data privacy standards, SAP Emarsys reiterates its commitment to the UAE Act, the Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) in tandem with the recently passed EU AI regulations. According to Marwan Zeineddine, MD of SAP UAE, “Ensuring customer privacy and fostering trust are integral to our work with AI. During our recent AI focus group, several top brands expressed concerns about data usage and AI in marketing. Our continued research indicates that consumers and marketers share these concerns. SAP Emarsys is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of effective and efficient data privacy, while strongly advocating for new regional and global Acts.”  

Customers of SAP Emarsys are invited to take part in a new pilot of its AI Product Finder and other AI solutions. For next steps please speak to your account team. Not a customer yet? Marketers and visionary business leaders eager to dive into what is next in AI innovation can register for the upcoming SAP Emarsys Omnichannel Masterclass on 12th and 13th June by visiting here.