Orlebar Brown chooses array of Emarsys marketing solutions to improve customer engagement with its jet-set customers through enhanced personalization and omnichannel excellence

London, U.K. – 27 September, 2018Emarsys, the largest independent marketing platform company in the world, announces that tailored resort clothing brand , Orlebar Brown has chosen the Emarsys Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled marketing platform to bridge the gap between cross-channel marketing and customer experience activities, and thereby improve overall engagement across all its customer contact points. Since moving to the Emarsys platform just a few months ago, Orlebar Brown has already seen a marked improvement in customer engagement across its email channel and delivered three times more interactions for the brand using automated product recommendations.

Based in Notting Hill, London, with retail presence worldwide, Orlebar Brown launched in March 2007 as a design-led approach to men’s swim shorts. An expanding global brand which has recently extended its apparel lines into collections, it doesn’t discriminate between online or offline channels to communicate and engage with its customers. It wanted to better understand each contact as an individual and execute highly personalised campaigns at scale.

The Emarsys AI-driven platform’s ability to create unified customer profiles enabled the brand to do just that, by providing up-to-date information that was able not only to measure the overall effectiveness of each marketing decision, including the places where they can generate more revenue, but also offer valuable and actionable insights into customer behaviour and lifecycle stage. Orlebar Brown achieves this using the Emarsys Smart Insight analytics and intelligence tool in conjunction with Emarsys Automation Center, Email Recommendation and CRM ads social media channel solutions.

“We are grateful to have a loyal customer base and pride ourselves in having always provided a very personalised offering. However, as the company grows so does the challenge to maintain, if not optimise, this level of 1-2-1 interaction,” said Jamie De Cesare, Digital Director at Orlebar Brown. “We already have a good level of customer insight, and by taking the Emarsys Transform Plus package, which offers a great level of support and consultancy, we were able to decrease the time-to-value these insights afford through well scoped out preparation and forecasting.”

Orlebar Brown also uses Emarsys’s extensive AI capabilities, such as Send Time Optimization, Predict and Web Channel, which means that the retailer can execute more effectively and in real-time on cross-channel campaigns. This allows the brand to reach customers when they are most responsive and likely to want to hear from them, leading to smarter acquisition tactics and surface content to customers that they’re more likely to engage with.

De Cesare continues, “Strategic workshops held by Emarsys helped us devise long-term strategies, as well as short-term tactical plans, and discover the customer at a granular level while the platform was deployed. I believe this is the reason why we’ve experienced fast results whilst enjoying a smooth platform implementation.”

With a notable pedigree in modern digital marketing practices, Orlebar Brown’s ecommerce team has managed a number of multifaceted technology deployments in its time and are no strangers to challenges that are often encountered when switching providers. However, partnering with Emarsys the retail brand experienced a seamless transition with zero drop in deliverability that also saw an increase in open and click rates.

“We want to move towards being the best in luxury CRM and be able to tailor everything around customers’ engagement with Orlebar Brown, taking into consideration what the customer has purchased, where they purchased from, down to the exact item, size, and other attributes. Being able to see how a customer is interacting with us, in real-time compared to others, gives us insight into how we can provide an outstanding customer experience – whether they might be someone who is simply purchasing once a year for their holidays or engaging with various categories and buying much more often,” said Sebastiano Elia, Head of CRM and Customer Insight at Orlebar Brown. “It gives us a push in the right direction in terms of next best action, allowing us to act fast in providing a fully tailored service to each and every customer, regardless of whether they are new, sporadic or loyal customers, creating different strategies to bring back customers that we haven’t seen in a while, rewarding customers at different levels as well as deploying smarter acquisition tactics. These are just some of the benefits of CRM ads and Web Channel for instance and it supports the wider brand strategy going forward, from an international perspective.”

“We’re moving into a golden era for marketing,” says Grant Coleman, VP and Market Director for UK and Nordics at Emarsys. “Brands like Orlebar Brown are spearheading this movement, adept as they are, at the art of storytelling to evoke an emotional reaction. They are highly attuned to the nature of their customers and recognise that the personal touch is the way forward. Our multi-channel solutions allow marketers of this calibre to scale personalisation more effectively using AI to manage the explosion of data, channels and point solutions. We’re delighted to have them join the Emarsys community.”


About Orlebar Brown
Orlebar Brown is a British clothing brand, specialising in tailored men’s swim shorts and holiday apparel. Pioneers of poolside style, the company was founded by photographer Adam Brown after he identified a gap in the market for smart men’s swimwear and was launched in March 2007. www.orlebarbrown.com #obsaroundtheworld

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