is the next generation of benchmarking tools designed for strategic marketers  

Indianapolis, USA & London, UK – 10 July, 2019: Emarsys, the marketing platform with ready to activate industry solutions delivering results in days, not months announces the first sector-specific benchmark tool for marketing – 

Free to use, is a new kind of benchmarking tool meant for strategic e-commerce marketers, NOT just channel managers. Unlike other benchmarking tools that only give you access to operational and channel-specific KPIs, this tool gives access to the strategic KPIs that make an immediate impact on your business, not only open rates or click-through rates, but around stratagems such as lifetime value, average order value and purchase frequency. 

Built on two decades of GDPR compliant e-commerce and retail data from real customers who have achieved their goals with Emarsys, helps you understand what KPIs align to business goals and will show you how you can make an impact on the business by identifying opportunities for improvement at a strategic level. is only available for the e-commerce vertical at this time, with plans to release versions for other industries including retail and travel.  

More than just an index of metrics, provides a methodology for identifying the strategies that positively impact your business objectives and tie them to the tactics that can deliver those results.  In this way it connects your marketing day-to-day activities to company goals.  

The Advisor tab within the tool allows marketers to see this methodology in action. With just a few clicks, marketers can see what strategies they should be working on and which tactics have been the most effective in delivering strategically on the overarching business goals.  The protocols cascade down from a series of dashboards that help marketers identify the KPIs which will impact business objectives such as revenue growth or customer growth. They comprise 4 main dashboards: Essential Strategies, Revenue Growth Strategies, Customer Growth Strategies, and Channel Strategies that allow professionals to choose from one of those business objectives, click through to the relevant set of linked strategies and from there access the best tactics to improve performance for that high level goal.  

By breaking down metrics into these different dashboards, marketers are able to look at benchmarks on a strategic level for each to see what’s performing, where the opportunities are and what they can improve on.  

“Marketers need access to information that helps them decide what they should be doing, how they should be doing it, and what results they should be seeing. They need access to data that shows them what other strategic marketers are doing and how they are performing in order to start finding opportunities for strategies they can be implementing, because at the end of the day marketers need to be able to show how the work they are doing day-to-day actually impacts the greater business objectives,” says Hagai Hartman, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Emarsys. 

He concludes: “With, we wanted to give marketers the opportunity to show their value and give them a new methodology for planning and prioritizing their marketing activity in general. Benchmarking doesn’t have to only be about numbers, it can also be about generating ideas and discovering new revenue.”     

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