• Increase in web push, SMS, in-app and email engagement for the leading omnichannel customer engagement platform highlights importance of omnichannel, personalization and data-driven campaigns 
  • The SAP Emarsys Customer Loyalty Index showed a 36% decline in Incentivized Loyalty in the US, meaning retailers must offer value beyond deals and discounts to bring buyers back

Indianapolis, US, November 28 2023 – Analysis by omnichannel engagement expert SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement has revealed a 9% year-on-year increase in customer engagements delivered over the Black Friday weekend.

Interrogation of the billions of messages powered by the platform between November 24 – 27 has shown a prominent increase in web push, SMS, in-app and email engagements:

  1. Web Push – 74% increase
  2. SMS – 35% increase
  3. In-App – 15% increase
  4. Email – 10% increase

The 9% overall year-on-year increase in engagements follows the platform’s 45% increase in 2022, emphasizing the importance of going omnichannel when it comes to delivering the meaningful engagements capable of cutting through the Black Friday noise.

The increase also highlights the need to expand the suite of channels available to marketers – for example, SAP Emarsys’ recent additions of Digital Ads channels like TikTok and Mobile Wallet, bridging the gap between online and offline shopping.

45% of shoppers expect to see personalized offers or discounts in exchange for their loyalty to a brand, and almost half (48%) remain loyal to retailers they buy from on Black Friday even after the sales finish, according to the SAP Emarsys Customer Loyalty Index 2023 (CLI). As such, the surge in omnichannel traffic over the Black Friday weekend represents a huge opportunity to drive customer loyalty.

However, the CLI also showed that “Incentivized Loyalty” – loyalty achieved through discounts and deals – plummeted from 76% to just 49% in the US this year, proving that reduced prices aren’t enough for retailers to secure sales and long-term loyalty.  

Given the sheer volume of online sales during the holiday shopping season and customers’ expectation of personalization, both AI and the collection and analysis of customer data is becoming increasingly important in the priorities for forward-thinking brands.

“Black Friday is an incredible opportunity for brands to establish and build a relationship with customers – but you can’t do that without data,” comments Kelsey Jones, Global Head of Product Marketing at SAP Emarsys. “In a climate where every cent counts, consumers can only afford to buy from brands they know they can trust to respect and protect their data. Consumers are calling on retailers to treat them as individuals – and by combining the correct use of data with the power of AI, brands are able to deliver more personalized offers, messages, and experiences at scale. 

“When you’re one of thousands of brands competing for attention, it’s critical to break through the noise. Brands must provide a ‘value exchange’: a set of perks, rewards and benefits that leaves the customers in no doubt that their data is worth sharing to experience your brand at its best.”

And it appears that brands are listening. There was a 20% increase in the utilization of data-driven segmentation by SAP Emarsys customers, meaning shoppers were better matched with personalized offers and the items they wished to buy. With peak sending speeds of 126MM per hour, SAP Emarsys enabled its customers to reach their customers at scale and speed over the Black Friday weekend. Marketers were empowered to deliver the right deals – while adapting to market needs – to create value and grow loyalty.

To find out more about how SAP Emarsys supports retailers in boosting results and fostering customer loyalty, read the SAP Emarsys Customer Loyalty Index 2023 here.