Global fashion retailer chooses Emarsys highly-personalized omnichannel marketing platform and newly launched AI-optimized Web Channel to increase customer engagement

London, U.K. October 23, 2017Emarsys, the largest independent marketing platform company in the world, announces that global luxury fashion retailer, LUISAVIAROMA has chosen the Emarsys artificial intelligence (AI) optimized marketing platform to automate highly-personalized marketing campaigns. This has helped LUISAVIAROMA to achieve substantial improvements in omnichannel customer engagement, through more effective profiling and segmentation, and web and email personalization. Significant results include increasing website conversion rates by 400%1 and revenue from email campaigns by 900%, as well as email revenue by 21% and post-purchase conversions by 37.5%.

Global fashion retailer, LUISAVIAROMA sells luxury fashion apparel and accessories from >600 brands to consumers online. Aside from two Italian stores, the website contributes to 95% of the company’s total revenue and attracts >5 million visitors per month. The retailer wants every aspect of its customer experience to suggest luxury, from the goods it sells on its site through to the website experience and all customer communications. It’s marketing, therefore, must retain a personal touch, thereby aligning to the LUISAVIAROMA’s luxury brand proposition.

To help achieve this, LUISAVIAROMA is using the Emarsys AI-optimized marketing platform, including newly launched Web ChannelAI, as well as PredictAI (web and email), Send Time OptimizationAI, Automation Centre and Smart InsightAI solutions.

Applying AI Marketing (AIM) capabilities to its email campaigns using Emarsys Send Time Optimization means the company’s newsletters reach the recipient at a time when they are most likely to be checking their inbox. In addition, LUISAVIAROMA is an early adopter of the new Emarsys AI-optimized Web Channel solution, launched today, which has increased website conversion rates by 400%. The new solution transforms their website into a highly-personalized communication channel that is natively integrated into their omnichannel experience. By targeting and treating website visitors differently with personalized content and offers, based on a clear understanding of their loyalty status through the CRM and real-time data, LUISAVIAROMA is now able to unlock the true value of their website.

“The value of our engagement with Emarsys is based on significant ROI achieved from the personalization and omnichannel experience that their platform provides. Optimization through additional embedded AI capabilities has only contributed further to this success,” said Nicola Antonelli, Head of Marketing at LUISAVIAROMA.COM. “It was therefore an easy decision for us to implement a new AI-optimized channel that would provide greater levels of engagement and personalization. Initial Web Channel campaigns have generated impressive results, including interaction with 100% more pages per session and 150% longer sessions. This resulted, most importantly, in a conversion rate 400% higher than before we implemented Emarsys Web Channel on our website.”

Emarsys Predict pulls data from the LUISAVIAROMA CRM system, creating individual customer profiles. It then uses browsing and buying patterns from these profiles to learn and make assumptions on the type of product that is likely to be desirable. Using this information, the platform automatically builds bespoke communication for LUISAVIAROMA customers, with targeted, personalized product recommendations based on evidence, rather than untargeted, blanket communication that could be applicable to anyone.

“Our goal as a company is to create a prestigious shopping experience for customers – and that needs to come across in all our interactions. Unfortunately, a one-size-fits-all approach in our email marketing wasn’t engaging people and was hurting our revenue,” says Marco Ritratti, CRM Manager at LUISAVIAROMA.COM. “Using the Emarsys platform to add the personal touch to each newsletter is clearly resonating. We’ve seen interest from customers skyrocketing, with a direct business impact. Increasing revenue from our email campaigns by 900% means they now contribute to 10% of our overall revenues, compared to just 1% before.”

The Emarsys Automation Centre gives LUISAVIAROMA intuitive analytic and automation tools that make it easy to build complex automated engagement programs using data-driven insights. Working closely with the Emarsys strategic team, LUISAVIAROMA has created a range of automated programs to automatically tailor treatment and content to customers according to where their customers are in the lifecycle, also taking into consideration their lifetime value, language preference and region.

“As one of the world’s leading high-end retailers, LUISAVIAROMA needs to maintain a luxury look and feel through every customer interface. That can only be achieved by presenting customers with recommended products based on their preferences and behavior,” said Steven Ledgerwood, Managing Director, UK at Emarsys. “We’re delighted to help the brand achieve this level of personalization, and delivering significant impact to its bottom line. We look forward to continuing to support LUISAVIAROMA’s dedication to AI-led, personalized marketing.”

Notes to editors:

  1. Conversion rate 400% higher than before LUISAVIAROMA implemented Emarsys Web Channel on its website

LUISAVIAROMA is a top online luxury fashion destination with 5 million visitors per month and worldwide shipping. The website features an exclusive selection of new collections from 600 established designers as well as young emerging talents. The exclusive ‘Buy it First’ service offers clients the possibility to preview the latest new season collections and to pre-order them directly from the runway. LUISAVIAROMA was founded in Florence in the early 1930s, with the opening of the company’s eponymous concept store. Online since 1999, the company attributes 95% of total revenue to online sales. In the Florence headquarters, 200 people from 15 different countries work to produce and maintain LUISAVIAROMA in 8 languages.