Indianapolis IN — Global women’s underwear brand Lounge Underwear today announces a partnership with Emarsys, the omnichannel customer engagement company, to gain a better understanding of its hundreds of thousands of customers all around the world.

Lounge Underwear, which is known for its innovative marketing approach and commitment to diversity when working with Instagram influencers and models, selected Emarsys as its customer engagement platform of choice because of how easily it provides customer insights, enabling the brand to run more targeted, personalized and effective digital marketing campaigns.

Emarsys’s customer engagement platform will analyze and centralize the data of Lounge Underwear customers. Integrating seamlessly with Lounge Underwear’s wider technology stack, including Shopify+, Emarsys will provide a singular, unified view of all customer data streams, eliminating unnecessary silos.

This comprehensive perspective will allow Lounge Underwear to drive revenue through more effective automated retention marketing. Personalized one-to-one messaging will reflect customer behavior and preferences more accurately, while Emarsys’s artificial intelligence will automatically recommend product offers to different customer segments. Both will drive brand loyalty and the success rate of marketing campaigns, boosting revenue in the short and long term.

The Emarsys platform will also integrate seamlessly with Lounge Underwear’s wider technology stack, including with Shopify+. The integration enables Lounge Underwear to view Shopify+ data, for example on customers, events and orders, within the Emarsys platform to help the team create smart contact segments, personalized messages and event-based programs — helping to accelerate business outcomes.

Arron Kooner, head of customer communications at Lounge Underwear, said: “As a growing brand in our space, it’s so important for us to have easy access to our customer data so we can run effective targeted campaigns to our customers — especially as we sell purely through ecommerce.

“We weren’t really looking to move from our old vendor, but when we saw the power of Emarsys’s platform, and just how easy it was to use, we knew we had to make the switch. The ease with which Emarsys presents your own customers’ data back to you in an intuitive and graphical way makes running campaigns really quick and easy.”

Sara Richter, CMO, Emarsys said: “Lounge Underwear has grown rapidly since its founding just a few years ago, and its challenge now is how to maximize the value from its most loyal customers. Through our unique combination of AI and customer data analysis, Emarsys will help Lounge Underwear to identify those biggest revenue-driving opportunities. This data-led approach will not only save the marketing team time, but also make the brand more profitable.”