Leading retailer of printing consumables and office supplies implements Emarsys AI-enabled platform to seamlessly personalize, replenish and raise customer lifetime value

INDIANAPOLIS, USA: 24 April 2018 – LD Products, a leading e-commerce provider of printing and office supplies, is personalizing its email marketing strategy using Emarsys’ artificial intelligence (AI) enabled platform to increase customer lifetime value and engagement. With Emarsys’ user friendly and easy-to-implement cloud solution, LD Products will be able to drill down into customers data, and in turn enhance brand recognition and boost customer loyalty.

Founded by then 21-year-old USC undergrad Aaron Leon in 1999, LD Products has grown to become one of the largest online retailers of printer and office supplies in the U.S. Offering more than 9,000 types of cartridges and processing 1.4 million orders per year, LD Products wanted to strengthen customer engagement by leveraging a personalized marketing approach across its promotional and transaction emails, newsletters, and dynamic content.

The leading printing supplies retailer is using a suite of Emarsys products to energize its marketing efforts, including Smart Insight that acquires business intelligence to help better analyze and segment customer data. LD Products is also utilizing Emarsys offerings like CRM Ads to meaningfully engage with highly-targeted customers across key social media channels. Adopting a user-friendly interface to deliver customers with a consistent and customized experience, LD Products can further engage Emarsys for integrations that utilize its SMS and deeper AI capabilities.

“Email marketing is a critical portion of our customer engagement and retention strategy. We needed a solutions provider that can automate, support and enhance our massive marketing operations that include sending 40 to 45 million emails yearly to our customers,” said Anna Kemp, Vice President of Marketing at LD Products. “With an easy-to-use platform that integrates seamlessly with other systems and is backed by AI, Emarsys clearly stood out in our search for a long-term, strategic marketing partner. Their data-driven automated solution allows us to personalize campaigns at scale, and successfully meet our customer needs.”

“For any competitive industry such as the printing and office supplies space, offering personalization becomes a critical differentiator for driving customer loyalty and sales,” says Sean Brady, President of Americas at Emarsys. “LD Products has witnessed phenomenal growth in the past 19 years and their marketing strategy needed to adapt to their growing transaction volumes. Our AI-powered platform along with its user-friendly functionality will help LD Products use advanced data science to better understand their customers and execute marketing campaigns that consistently demonstrate high investment value.”

Emarsys sends over ten billion messages per month while analyzing 1.6 billion customer profiles and providing 1.5 billion personalized product recommendations, integrating customer intelligence, personalization, predictive recommendations and omni-channel marketing at scale, across all devices and social channels into a single cloud-based platform.

About LD Products

Since 1999, LD Products has enjoyed great success as a high quality and cost-effective alternative to printer brand consumables. The company also boasts a large selection of office supplies, offering discount prices on the most trusted names in the industry.

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