Personalization and customization top the list of 2022 priorities for OGGI Jeans

Indianapolis, US, February 1st 2022 — Customer engagement specialist Emarsys today announces its partnership with fashion brand OGGI Jeans, as part of a technology upgrade designed to support revenue growth of 20% by the end of 2022.

OGGI Jeans will be using Emarsys’ Channel Automation and Personalization technologies to prioritize the growth of customer lifetime value (CLTV). The brand will also use this new tech to de-silo data from different streams and facilitate genuine 1:1 personalization for customers.

Extensive automation options will also be used to rapidly deliver customer insights and save OGGI’s marketing team time executing campaigns.

These improvements are the latest part of OGGI Jeans’ revolutionized approach to customer understanding. The brand sought a tech platform that centralized both new and existing streams of customer data from all channels, eliminating manual segmentation and allowing different teams to work from the same frame of reference.

As a result, OGGI Jeans will be able to forge ahead with a strategy to increase average ticket and repurchase price, as well as moving into 2022 with a more reliable and wider-reaching bank of customer data than ever before. The impact of these changes won’t stop at marketing, either – commercial teams and the CEO will all have access to these vital customer insights, tying marketing back to business goals.

Emarsys was selected for this mission ahead of SalesManago and several other point solutions.

Carlos Guadarrama, Brand Marketing Manager, OGGI Jeans, commented: “2021 was a year in which we’ve risen to unforeseen challenges across our industry. We’ve had to be brave as a business and are reaping the rewards now – which we intend to reinvest in ourselves, to continue that upward path. Emarsys is the latest step in that trajectory, and is a powerful tool in our arsenal when it comes to understanding OGGI customers.”

Sara Richter, CMO, Emarsys: commented: “It can be easy for brands to choose to stay the same when they experience success – the most ambitious will continue to challenge themselves and evolve for the better. Emarsys’ partnership with OGGI Jeans is a result of their determination to know their customers as comprehensively as possible, and their intent to offer them genuinely personalized content based on their wants and needs as individuals. That authentic passion for delivering to individuals, from message to product, can only stand them in good stead in 2022.”