Agreement is the biggest tech stack integration in the Scandinavian beauty specialist’s history, a leading provider for beauty products in Scandinavia, can today announce its partnership with Emarsys, with the eventual aim of driving 33% of its revenue through the omnichannel marketing platform.

Signed on New Year’s Day 2021 and going live in April 2022, the agreement represents’s biggest partnership in developing its ‘best-of-build’ headless technology stack which will automate, streamline, and accelerate its customer engagement and data management capabilities. Centralisation of data and agility were key considerations, with a new C-suite assembled in the past two years, has been given the green light for a new technological overhaul with customers at its heart.

In moving from a pure trading model to becoming a fully authorised reseller, and from a supply-driven to a demand-driven product model, had initially moved from its basic CRM platform to a three-platform approach. While this helped to expand the company’s outreach capabilities, it didn’t provide real-time data, siloed different data streams, and didn’t offer the streamlined experience of a centralised platform and optimum customer experience. therefore sought a solution that wrapped as many of the capabilities of these platforms as possible into a single system, providing it access to the real-time data needed to personalise customer engagement across multiple channels. And with a lean organization responsible for a customer base of over 700,000, the need to remain agile and automate as much of their day-to-day as possible was of paramount importance.

“Constructing our tech stack has been pivotal to our recent success and growth, and we identified early on that this channel had huge opportunities, both in terms of short terms tactics and long-term brand and loyalty building” commented Ehsan Ghaffari, CTO & COO, “Our previous platforms were individually sound, but collectively denied us the real-time data we needed for a high level of personalisation, which is an absolute necessity in our industry.

“In order to provide great customer experience, we needed a scalable platform with comprehensive analytics, segmentation, and customer life cycle management. Once we had our requirements set and performed the tender, it was clear that Emarsys would be the best partner and help us achieve that goal.”

Key technical elements of the integration include Web Channel, which uses customer data to display personalised campaigns; Tactics such as Price Drop, which notifies customers when items of interest drop below a set value; and Smart Insights, which allows to ‘tier’ its customers for the most appropriate customer service and offers.

“Profitability has always been a key part of Parfym’s DNA; Emarsys has ultimately been selected to help us drive down our dependency on paid channels, in order to invest more of our money back into our customers,” commented Jonas Häggqvist, CEO, “In the very long term, we’re hoping to see one third of our revenue come through Emarsys.

“It will take time: we’ve gone from something very rudimentary to a Rolls Royce, so we have a tremendous opportunity ahead of us! But there’s huge scope for us to develop the system and learn as we grow, and we’re so excited to evolve as we do so.”

Jessika Carlsen, Content & Campaign Manager,, also commented: “since joining forces with Emarsys, we can already see a remarkable change in both click rate and open rate. We can reach an open rate of a whopping 73% and click rate of 31% – numbers we haven’t seen before. We can also reach our customers in a new, targeted way through automations, in which we can have A/B tests, different languages and emails, all in one single automation – not to mention the A/B tests we can do in all the marketing emails we send out! This is definitely going to be a much more personalized and tailored CRM-journey for our customers.”

“ is a phenomenal example of how marketing platforms can simultaneously improve a customer’s experience, and save time and energy inside a business,” commented Sara Richter, CMO, Emarsys. “Their ambitions for real-time personalisation, and their commitment to developing a tech stack to achieve it, are a testament to the esteem in which they hold their customers. Helping to maximise the brand’s potential will be hugely exciting.”

About established 2005 is a Nordic online player within beauty, challenging traditional perfumeries.

The company offers a complete assortment with over 300 established brands in different price segments within hair care, makeup, skincare and fragrances. is one of the largest beauty online entities in the Nordics with over one million customers and three websites, 2 retail outlets with operation in Sweden and Finland.

The headquarters are in Stockholm and the company has 14 employees. The company has DNA of being close to its customers with and excellent reputation for satisfied returning customers.