Emarsys replaces Bronto to centralize customer data, tighten existing outreach processes and introduce AI capabilities to futureproof customer engagement

March 18 2021, London, UK Omnichannel customer engagement specialist Emarsys today announces its partnership with BOTB.com (Best of the Best), the Dream Car competition company, to centralize and futureproof its customer engagement strategies and to maximize the value the company can extract from its customer data.

Emarsys has been selected to replace the existing Bronto platform to execute a CRM strategy that provides a cohesive, holistic journey no matter the channel that BOTB customers prefer. Centralizing data, and automating its subsequent analysis, has enabled BOTB to drastically improve the profiling of its customers, accommodating individual preferences and behaviors in more detail. More precise customer segments will enable the delivery of a unique package of offers and media content, including material from a YouTube channel with over 14,000,000 views.

Centralization also has the benefit of maximizing BOTB’s current resource. By making all customer data accessible from a single point, BOTB can increase productivity using the existing team.

Specific modules selected by BOTB include Smart Insight, the customer intelligence model that automates retention marketing to maximize revenue, and the Predict recommendation engine, which delivers personalized recommendations for customers across email, mobile and web channels. Full integration will be completed by May 2021.

Emarsys was selected over competitors due to its flexible and forward-looking technology and integration functionality, aligning multiple CRM channels under one roof whilst future-proofing the CRM technology stack.

Dave McKean, head of CRM, BOTB: “We’ve been looking for a solution that lets us solve problems and futureproof our post-acquisition marketing, helping us to tighten our approach to everything from push notifications to display ads, while laying the infrastructure for long-term intelligence with new projects, segmentations and data dives.

“Emarsys is that solution, and not just because of the technology stack. The people are just one element of deciding on who you work with, but we’ve been impressed with Emarsys’s on-boarding process. They walked us through a very simple pragmatic solution, our integration manager has been superb, and the Maven Link platform let us keep all the information every stakeholder needed in one place.”

Sara Richter, CMO, Emarsys: “Our work with BOTB will allow the brand’s marketing team to understand their customers more comprehensively in significantly less time than before, saving man hours and energy throughout the business, including sales and product development.

“Ultimately, Emarsys will enable BOTB to quickly and effortlessly deliver an experience crafted entirely around unique individual customers, which can only drive more profitable and predictable business outcomes, such as stronger customer loyalty and larger and more repeatable revenue streams.”