Emarsys personalisation and automation drives customer engagement and sales for leading Australian TV retailer

Sydney, AUSTRALIA – 26 March 2018 – Emarsys, the largest independent marketing platform company in the world, today announces that Global Shop Direct, a major Australian Direct Response (DR) television retailer, has implemented its artificial intelligence (AI) enabled cloud marketing platform to increase revenues through robust automation and improved personalisation. Since moving to the Emarsys platform in June 2016, Global Shop Direct has enjoyed a remarkable 20 per cent incremental uplift in revenue from automated product recommendations on its website alongside a threefold increase in newsletter revenue using automated email product recommendations.

“Historically, our focus has been on delivering strong acquisition strategies using DR, rather than focusing on retention,” said Global Shop Direct Managing Director, Jamie Dow. “However, the needs of our customers have changed, as have their preferred channels of communication. With this in mind, we knew our engagement strategy had to evolve. Emarsys has enabled us to increase our customers’ lifetime value by focusing on retention through improved engagement.”

Founded in 2002, Global Shop Direct is the market leader in Australian DR television and telephone channel retailers. “Our main objective is to provide good quality, innovative products at value prices from around the world that make life easier for people,” said Dow. “As we evolve from implementing traditional sales and marketing approaches, Emarsys has stimulated a shift in our company mentality by facilitating a pursuit of customer centricity and allow us to realise sales opportunities over multiple channels.”

Within four weeks of partnering with Emarsys, Global Shop Direct had not only fully integrated the Emarsys platform with its business, but had also experienced a significant boost in sales thanks to its first win back campaign. “We had never been able to optimise win back or abandoned cart campaigns prior to Emarsys,” said Global Shop Direct’s Digital Marketing Manager, Maïna Cissé. “However, because real-time behavioural data is accessible through the Emarsys platform, these types of campaigns are possible without further product implementation”.

Emarsys’ automation and personalisation capabilities have been huge success drivers for the retailer’s campaigns. Global Shop Direct’s implementation of Emarsys’ Web Channel solution allows for personalised and relevant content to be displayed via its website to specific customers using AI as well as real-time customer session data and historical CRM data. The company has also successfully implemented Send Time Optimisation, which uses machine learning to analyse customer behaviour to identify the times and send emails when they are most responsive, resulting in a 9.7% increase in open rates. Global Shop Direct is now in the testing phase for its next stage of deployment, including using AI to decide what kinds of offers to give to a customer based on previous behaviour and SMS marketing.

According to Cissé, Emarsys’ focus on ROI, competitive pricing and the scalability of its platform were all major reasons for Global Shop Direct choosing to work with Emarsys. “Other vendors that we assessed, or have worked with in the past, had issues with transparency and customer care. With Emarsys you have prior knowledge the functions that you’re going to get with your package ‘out of the box’, and a feel-good factor that their team will support you through the entire implementation process and beyond,” said Cissé.

Emarsys’ Australasian Market Lead, Heath Barlow, said that Emarsys is working hard to keep ahead of the game in AI-driven marketing. “Our work with Global Shop Direct demonstrates the value of our platform to truly improve and drive sales and cultivate ongoing customer engagement and acquisition,” Barlow said. “The roll out of our AI capabilities will also serve as a fantastic functionality to help us to achieve greater growth and deliver successful outcomes for our customers.”

About Global Shop Direct

Global Shop Direct is a privately owned Australian company with over 15 years’ experience in the Direct Response TV (DRTV) and Retail industry across the Home Fitness, Health, Outdoor, Well Being and Household categories. As a market leader in Australian DRTV marketing, Global Shop Direct maximise sales of a diverse range of products selling directly to the consumer and through leading Australian retailers. The company’s adoption of a ‘multi-channel’ marketing strategy has enabled Global Shop Direct to successfully exploit traditional channels as well as embrace and maximise new online opportunities. Global Shop Direct holds the status as the Australian Distributor of Choice for leading Global DRTV suppliers.

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