Indianapolis, IN — Leading natural herbs product brand Gaia Herbs today announces a new partnership with Emarsys, the omnichannel customer engagement specialist. Emarsys will provide the customer engagement and data analytics tools that will act as the lynchpin of the Gaia Herbs’ marketing tech stack, as part of its three-year plan for growth, establishing best practice within the business.

Emarsys’s technology will examine the sales and customer engagement data that was previously difficult to analyze, identifying and contextualizing actionable customer insights. The capacity to unify and analyze customer data will allow Gaia Herbs to develop sophisticated, comprehensive marketing segments based on behavior and preference.

Improved access and clarity of this data will allow Gaia Herbs to focus on customer conversion optimization, streamlining marketing strategies, and delivering genuine one-to-one personalization across all channels. Marketing to these segments will also be delivered via Emarsys, with engagement tools empowering Gaia Herbs’ newly appointed — and first-ever — CRM manager.

Emarsys replaces the current provider Klaviyo and the company will also be taking on email responsibilities for other brands that Gaia Herbs distributes, including the Floradix® line of high-quality herbal products and dietary supplements, which the company will become the exclusive U.S. distributor for as of March 1, 2021. Data from these third-party distributions will be captured within the same platform, eliminating the problems inherent in siloed data structures.

Brian Best, director of digital marketing and ecommerce, Gaia Herbs said: “We’re trying to build the best state of play possible from a tech stack perspective, using data to drive what we do. The Emarsys team has been amazing, and we are embracing the new technologies at our disposal, feeling confident that they will help us achieve our goals.”

Sara Richter, CMO, Emarsys said: “Gaia Herbs has recognized that in a post-Covid world, it’s more important to throw the right technologies at the problem rather than more manpower. The company has an ambitious target for the next three years with double-digit growth, and predictable, profitable results are fundamental to achieving that.”