Automated and personalized content based on context provides digital marketers a highly engaging email experience for their customers

Vienna, AUSTRIA – February 9th, 2017Emarsys, a leading global B2C marketing cloud company, announces a partnership with Kickdynamic, an innovative provider of open time marketing technology, to launch Emarsys Open Time Content. This feature of the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud enables marketers to drive conversions and boost email engagement by providing highly personalized content, in real time, as customers open emails.

Emarsys Open Time Content provides automated and personalized content based on context, enabling marketers to deliver highly effective content and an engaging email experience for their audiences. Context includes the recipient’s exact location, time, weather or device; user demographics based on the recipient’s unique profile (e.g. age, gender); and user behavior (e.g. email, web, purchase history).

“Sending email that is personalized and engaging has been a long-term challenge for email marketers due to the manual content creation process,” said Matt Hayes, CEO at Kickdynamic. “Through the Emarsys partnership with Kickdynamic, marketers can automate content that takes the latest information from pre-approved sources, personalized to each customer’s context when the email is opened.”

Adi Topaz, Integrations Business Unit Manager at Emarsys highlights the impact of Emarsys Open Time Content: “Adding value to every email communication is high on every marketer’s agenda. Thanks to our partnership with Kickdynamic and the launch of Open Time Content, marketers can provide recipients with an engaging email experience each and every time an email is opened, with very few resources and virtually no management required.”

With Emarsys Open Time Content and the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud, marketers will benefit from:

  • Content Automation and Freshness Use actionable intelligence to deliver the most relevant content to each customer segment throughout the purchasing lifecycle. Content is automatically pulled from sources including websites, blogs, or product feeds, and constantly refreshed and matched with individuals for maximum personalization at the time of open. Content does not have to be created for every email, thereby dramatically reducing email build time.
  • Improved Customer Experience Personalize content based on the recipient’s data, behavior and preferences at the point of email access. Contextualize content as it is displayed, using weather, time, type of device or location, resulting in increased click-through rates and higher conversions.
  • Easy On-boarding and Usage Start using Open Time Content in minutes, without complex setup requirements. Reduce IT costs and lead time for designing email campaigns. Enhance email campaigns with a single click from Emarsys’ highly intuitive interface, and provide the most engaging content at time of open, without additional customization or coding requirements.

“Providing recipients with a relevant experience each time they open an email will lead to an increase in revenue from the email channel. Emarsys Open Time Content helps simplify the content creation process, which enables the development of very engaging emails” added Topaz.

For more information on how to utilize the benefits of Emarsys Open Time Content go to this link or email

About Kickdynamic
Kickdynamic’s innovative platform allows marketers to automate and personalize email content. At the time of email open, content is automatically taken from a pre-approved source such as website or product feed, and then personalized to customer behavior, preference and context. This solves email marketer’s long term problem of having to manually create email content. Email content is now automated, allowing repeatable personalization for email. The technology easily plugs into existing HTML templates, and is setup, via our UI, in minutes rather than days. Find out more about Kickdynamic.

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