Australian retailer City Beach an early adopter of Emarsys’ new Retail solution will benefit from natively integrated, proven retail strategies and tactics that are easily adopted, and driving results within days

Sydney, Australia, 18 March 2019 – Emarsys, the only marketing platform that knows your industry, announces its new turnkey solutions embedded with industry-specific knowledge, are available to e-commerce and retail marketers in Australia and New Zealand. The new Emarsys marketing platform—the most significant overhaul of its software since inception—heralds the company’s move away from the ‘technology toolbox’ model to a more proactive solution with ready-to-deploy strategies and tactics aligned to an organisation’s high-level objectives.

“The rising expectations of consumers has led marketers to turn to technology for help in delivering true one-to-one personalisation, scaled across multiple channels,” said Heath Barlow, Emarsys’ Market Lead, Australia and New Zealand. “However, as technology capabilities and the options available to marketers have increased, practitioners have become overwhelmed—to the point where many marketers are not using the very solutions designed to help them reach their full potential. With our new solutions embedded with industry-specific knowledge and proven strategies and tactics, we hope to close this adoption gap, and empower marketers to be successful.”

Emarsys’ data suggests complexity driven by technology is a huge issue, with a third of queries[1] received by support teams appearing to have been caused by what the organisation is referring to as ‘empty software’. Empty Software happens when a business purchases technology based on the assumption that it will provide value quickly, but the software itself is not populated with the data or programmes to deliver on that value. Equally, there is often a usability problem as it becomes clear to practitioners that they don’t have the skills to tap into every feature and function.

To address this, the enhanced platform comprises of Emarsys Strategic Dashboard and Emarsys Tactics. The new Strategic Dashboard allows marketers to tie their marketing results directly to their business objectives. Beyond tracking and connecting real-time business performance to execution, it recommends industry specific strategies and feeds these into a pre-built tactics engine, which contains all creative elements and relevant associated data. These solutions are orchestrated to meet marketing challenges unique to their sector. This new development drives faster time to value and puts marketers in a position where they can finally meet the rising expectations of their consumers as well as increasing demands from today’s businesses.

City Beach waves ahead with Emarsys

Australian surf, skate and fashion retailer City Beach is one of Emarsys’ customers already benefitting from this new solution. City Beach integrated Emarsys’ software in 2017, a decision that has proved to be a giant leap forward for the retailer, which has seen a +100% increase in revenue from key channels.

Michael Doyle, CMO, City Beach, commented, “Many marketing teams and businesses suffer from a technical knowledge gap and lack of business introspection, opening the door to snake oil sales people pitching empty software and false promises. Things are changing, but most software still demands an unreasonably high level of technical knowledge to assess, implement and maintain. The best of breed software solutions are now actually considering the business user in the design, knowing that fast and full platform adoption delivers loyalty better than complexity.”

“Emarsys is City Beach’s ROI engine—making what we are doing more efficient and providing the tools that free up my team to focus on innovation. Emarsys has revolutionised our experiences as marketers and its new marketing platform, which contains all creative elements and the data specific to my sector, will take our ability to deliver seamless, unforgettable campaigns for the omnichannel shopper in this ‘connected era’to the next level.”


Emarsys has initially launched platforms tailored to the e-commerce and retail sectors, with other verticals due to be introduced and made available to customers in Australia and New Zealand in 2019.


About City Beach

Founded and headquartered in Brisbane in 1985, City Beach has grown from a single surf, skate and fashion retail store to become a cultural part of many Australians’ lives.  Now with stores in Perth, Darwin, Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and online, City Beach continues to grow.

City Beach provides a unique place to shop by making the stores a fun place to hang out. The company is constantly assessing what its customers want, and from that, develop in-store entertainment that is unmatched by any other retailer in Australia. Today City Beach online is making it even easier for customers to shop for all their favourite surf, skate, street and fashion brands whenever it suits.

[1] Emarsys Professional Services Data 2017/18