The new updates further enhance omnichannel execution agility and personalization while helping marketers to prioritize actions that will drive the most effective business outcomes

Indianapolis IN, March 10 2021 — World-leading omnichannel customer engagement company Emarsys today launches a host of new innovative features to its platform — helping brands around the world to deliver one-to-one personalized experiences on any channel that deliver predictable and profitable outcomes.

The new updates further enhance the platform’s personalization capabilities, making it easier for marketers to capitalize on real-time customer behavior data, while also improving omnichannel execution agility — and providing enhanced visibility into the granular actions that drive revenue for the business.

In terms of personalization, the platform now enables marketers to make use of real-time contextual customer experience data from within the omnichannel automation solution of the platform itself. Previously, marketers had to use two separate modules for omnichannel automation — one for lifecycle- and product-driven campaigns and another for real-time customer data-driven campaigns. Now, with both features accessible within the automation center, marketers can respond to customer behavior in real time much more easily, and automate personalized omnichannel campaigns from a single place with a consistent editing experience, improving execution agility, while ensuring customers receive the right message on the right channel at the right time,

Emarsys has also introduced new features to directly address a growing trend of consumers opting out of email marketing or mobile push notifications. The first is a “mobile inbox” feature, which embeds directly within a brand’s app, and ensures that marketers can still send one-to-one personalized offers, promotions and messages to customers — strengthening customer loyalty and profitability in the long run.

The second is a feature that the Emarsys customers have specifically asked for — web push notifications. Web push notifications work via a consumer’s desktop browser to deliver personalized notifications on a one-to-one basis, unlocking more revenue from real-time use cases and to amplify omnichannel retention programs.

Specific features aside, Emarsys has also enhanced the platform’s ability to provide audience and campaign insights, which can help marketers prioritize actions that will deliver the best business outcomes. With the new audience filtering and revenue impact feature, marketers can now see in specific detail how different customer lifecycle segments respond to different campaigns delivered on different channels — and crucially, which campaigns and which channels deliver the most revenue for each audience segment. Armed with this information, marketers can easily and rapidly optimize the entire customer lifetime value, helping to convert first-time buyers into repeat customers, and continuously drive loyalty for the business.

Alex Timlin, SVP verticals, Emarsys said: “A brand’s customers will often leave after just one bad experience, and so at Emarsys we understand the importance of delivering an experience that works for each and every customer. The key to that great experience is omnichannel personalization one a one-to-one basis at speed and at scale.

“But brands also need to know what specific marketing activities are making the biggest impact for the business. This is where Emarsys stands out. Not only can we improve the experience for our customers’ customers, but we can also link how that experience improves revenue, which has been a challenge in the marketing world for years.”