Provider of tangible AI Marketing technology highlights first steps to AI readiness for retail, ecommerce, travel and other B2C brands

LONDON, U.K. – March 8, 2017 – Emarsys, a leading global B2C marketing cloud company, announces a wide range of advanced platform integrations and new products with partners, including Magento, Facebook, Salesforce eCommerce, Return Path, Hybris and Oxid that are helping to fuel Emarsys AI Marketing (AIM) solutions, such as Predict, Incentive Recommendations and Send Time Optimization.

Delivering on the promise of marketing and realizing the potential of AI marketing relies on data. It is hard to identify and unify the right information given today’s increasingly anonymous end customer, but seamless integration of the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud with a diverse and a high-quality partner ecosystem ensures that data can flow between platforms and make this process easier. This paves the way for AI marketing for retail, ecommerce and other B2C brands, and ensures that a mobile first approach is enabled.

In turn, this frictionless flow of data enables more effective omnichannel marketing execution for B2C brands – increasingly carried out at scale using AI1 – which drives growth in revenue and improved ROI. Successful integration with technology partners, such as Magento, Salesforce eCommerce, Hybris and Oxid, is at the heart of omnichannel strategies implemented by many of the global B2C brands that Emarsys works with.

Emarsys is also announcing two new products that are integrated with Facebook and Return Path respectively to strengthen Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud capabilities. Emarsys Lead Ads creates an automatic connection between brands’ Facebook forms and their Emarsys accounts, allowing them to capture new leads from any Facebook form directly into their Emarsys database. Emarsys Deliverability Tools, integrated with Return Path and including Deliverability Report and Advisor, help marketers to identify possible issues and optimize email deliverability at an ISP level. Both Deliverability features are currently in pilot phase.

If the first step on the road to AI is the flow of data between platforms, the second is thorough analysis so that brands are able to determine insightful, actionable insights and then engage with customers accordingly using AI. Understanding customer lifecycles, identifying retention revenue, predictive analytics and ‘next best action’ are examples of the type of insight provided by analysis tools, such as Emarsys Smart Insight2, that can harness the power of AI marketing.

Emarsys currently stores, manages and analyzes over 2 billion contacts on behalf of more than 1,500 clients  in 140 countries, so understands the need for advanced partner platform integration and the client success that the flow of data between the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud and these platforms can enable. Emarsys also understands how to prepare customers for AI marketing, as it has already deployed tangible AI Marketing solutions to customers, such as Evolution Slimming and Japan Centre, and is partnering with customers for whom AI marketing is planned for 2017, such as Cosabella.

“Marketing doesn’t have to be painful or ineffective. Progressive marketers now have the power to overcome the pressure by using AI, which will allow them to focus back on strategy, content and creative. This makes their job easier and maximizes their Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI),” said Guy Hanin, Head of Strategic Partner Integrations at Emarsys. “However, they need to be ready for AI. Choosing the right platforms, tools and partners ahead of time is fundamental, and will empower marketers to rise to aggressive revenue and growth goals by making their jobs easier and their marketing activities more effective.”

Partner platforms capture a vast amount of data, which is hard to manage due to the sheer volume. Thorough data analysis and effective marketing execution normally requires resource- intensive data handling across systems, or the need for expensive IT resources. Too much valuable time is lost whilst marketers handle data instead of executing strategic customer engagement activities based on insights from that data. Instead of helping them be more effective, this data all too often makes it difficult for marketers to work quickly and efficiently. In addition, manually synchronizing resources, such as ecommerce product catalogs, can result in unreliable outcomes as the content changes faster than the updates can be made.

Advanced integration with the Magento, Salesforce eCommerce, Hybris and Oxid platforms reduces manual data transfer into the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud. By combining fresher data with powerful tools and data analytic capabilities, decision making and campaign execution is streamlined from within a single intuitive interface. Pairing your data on partner platforms with the powerful Emarsys execution capabilities means that highly responsive, automated campaigns can be triggered from the data itself.

For more information on Emarsys advanced platform integrations with partners go to this link.

Notes to Editors:
1. Emarsys AI Marketing (AIM), launched November 2016, aims to revolutionize the role of marketers, and increase revenue and return on investment (ROI) for global brands. The new, disruptive capabilities of AIM alleviate the marketer’s burden, not by adding more disparate tools, but by simply and effectively bridging the gap between complex data science and executing truly personal omnichannel campaigns at scale.
2. Emarsys Smart Insight is an integrated solution for marketers that utilizes customer data from various touch points to provide actionable intelligence focused on customer engagement. It addresses the following primary requirements of data-driven marketing:
• Collect, physically store and analyze continuously-rising data volumes
• Convert data into actionable intelligence
• Use intelligence to engage with contacts based their position in the customer lifecycle