Emarsys wins competitive tender to consolidate customer outreach

Indianapolis, US 30 March 2023 — omnichannel engagement specialist Emarsys today announces its partnership with Liquor Management, the Floridian alcohol distributor. The agreement with Emarsys replaces a host of bit-part systems, including MailChimp, as a centralized ‘single source of truth’ for customer data and consolidated marketing outreach.

Emarsys will dramatically accelerate marketing operations within Liquor Management, including the development and deployment of an all-new loyalty program to reward its customer base. The platform does so by centralizing customer data onto one system, eliminating data siloing and manual extraction processes to provide faster and more accurate customer analytics – as well as an all-in-one omnichannel solution for customer outreach.

Prior to the lockdowns beginning in 2020, Liquor Management was something of a community hub in the Tri-State area, with regular events bringing people together around the brand. With the pandemic manifesting such rapid change in customer behavior, and an explosion in ecommerce, the introduction of Emarsys is seen as a means of understanding how to bring that truly loyal group back together, based on their new preferences and interests.

The existing infrastructure within Liquor Management wasn’t designed for this purpose. With systems such as IVend not integrated into Shopify, manual exports of data were bleeding valuable time. Sales leads were not categorized in existing systems, either, demanding extra manual time to parse the results.

With a single-figures marketing team needing to accommodate a customer base of over 200,000, the replacement system needed to drastically streamline and consolidate this state of affairs. Emarsys beat both FiveStars and Zinrelo in a competitive tender, with a contract signed in January 2023.

“It’s so important to us that Liquor Management remains the community hub it’s proven to be since we opened in 1965,” commented Daniel Ponte, Project Manager, Liquor Management. “COVID robbed us of that environment for a little while, and now it’s on us to really internalize how that community has changed, and how we can deliver on that. We need the insights and context to be as competitive and engaging as we can possibly be, and for us, that means Emarsys.”

“The Liquor Management team knows what it wants, and that’s true loyalty,” commented Megan Hostetler, Global Senior Product Marketing Manager, Emarsys. “We’re working together to sculpt the company’s vision of a community hub, of a brand that is a real force for togetherness and local good. Their team knows that loyalty is the heart of that idea, and that you need technology to quantify it.”

“We’re helping Liquor Management to ruthlessly prioritize the data that matters. Whether it’s using omnichannel outreach as a feedback loop, or whether it’s more granular insights into individual customers or sales, they now know that they have the technology and the support network to ensure that they excel.”