Update for over 33,000 active users aims to return as much time as possible to marketers by streamlining user interfaces, simplifying personalization and maximising engagement strategies

Indianapolis IN, 2021 — Omnichannel customer engagement leader Emarsys today announces the addition of a wealth of new features to its platform, with over 40 new tools and functionalities added to help marketers respond to the changing behaviors of their customers.

Marketers are rapidly shifting between acquisition, conversion, and retention, and business leaders are increasingly conscious of the impact that marketing can have on accelerating business outcomes. This is making organizations eager to respond more quickly and effectively to customer demands while mastering more engagement channels to communicate with consumers. Emarsys’ 33,000 active users are already being saved an average 35 working days a year through the platform and are now able to rely on more tools for improved personalization and strategic outreach.


New features have been introduced to help marketers deliver true 1:1 personalization through Emarsys’ artificial intelligence (AI), helping counter the conviction held by 86% of UK consumers that their apps don’t know them well: 

  • A new marketer-friendly user interface (UI), streamlined to allow the creation of complex customer segments in just ten minutes, down from 45 mintues through a single page.
  • A new hero feature introduced that allows marketers to use their own set of business rules on top of AI to deliver the optimal product recommendation meeting both customer’s expectation for relevant recommendations, and the business needs to reduce the weeks coverage of specific products.
  • Customers can deliver campaigns in multiple languages and localised recommendations that match their market preferences.


New tactics are now at the disposal of ecommerce  and retail marketers, including:

  • New in Stock and Low in Stock, with sophisticated use cases providing a prebuilt solution that doesn’t require IT support to activate.
  • Refer-a-friend programmes are now a win-win for all – the loyal customer, the friend referred and the business.


Mobile marketing is another area that receives a full makeover on the Emarsys platform – particularly important given that 62% of UK consumers are now spending more time on their phones: 

  • Flutter plugin support, allowing organizations to create an app for both iOS and Android operating systems (OS) without the huge cost and time-sink of OS-specific design. 
  • Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) delivers personalized, enhanced messages to customers.
  • In-app and inbox improvements to better highlight these communications.


With the impending Black Friday influx, and 80% of UK consumers believing that high streets will never return to the pre-pandemic norm, web functionality has also received a makeover:

  • In-session cross-selling and upselling has been drastically enhanced, enabling more specific personalization of offers for customers,
  • New features have been added to tailor web channel engagement, ensuring a consistently bespoke approach no matter how the customer reaches the website.

Omer Sharon, CPO at Emarsys commented: “The complexity in Marketing technology continues to rise. Marketing platforms keep adding more and more features and capabilities but are missing the real challenge of our industry, which is not how many features you have, rather how many of your features are adopted by its users. Without adoption, the product can’t help its user in solving problems and creating value.  “Emarsys focusses on the marketer experience, measuring ourselves not on how many features we create but by the business outcomes. Marketing departments have been one of the most important revenue drivers within businesses this year and that’s meant more time pressure than ever before. Making complex use cases easier to use, with less time and less resources, is a great driver of adoption of new and more advanced uses cases and their business impact. This release shows how committed we are to this goal, both now and in the future.”