Sydney, Australia, 27 April 2022 – DISSH, an Australian fashion brand owned, run, and led by women, has partnered with Emarsys, an omnichannel customer engagement platform, to support their journey on getting a better understanding of their global clientele. DISSH is implementing Emarsys’ solution to enhance their customer experience. By having full visibility on customer data, it will enable the brand to leverage greater user segmentation and to drive their customer retention strategy.

From the first store opening in the Gold Coast in 2001, the brand has soared to new heights through global expansion while re-defining their design and manufacturing processes. In 2020, when the pandemic took hold of the retailer’s traditional brick and mortar’s business model, DISSH pivoted to online and cultivated a global presence, forming a diverse and inclusive DISSH community.

With 85 percent of DISSH’s customers now online, DISSH faced the challenge of siloed data and ‘batch and blast’ communication styles. The brand recognised they needed more visibility into who their customers are to further understand how to communicate with them. DISSH selected Emarsys’s Retail Solution, a single, integrated platform with an overview of customer, business and marketing performance. This will provide DISSH with greater customer visibility through the automation and integration of audiences across all channels, the test and learn capabilities across all touch points and personalisation easily integrated into business processes.

Commenting on the partnership, Kellie Pembroke Digital Marketing Manager, from DISSH said “We’re always chasing the sun at DISSH. As a result of COVID-19, our once 25 percent online audience is now at 85 percent which has allowed us to take our marketing strategy to the next level. Last year, we saw our Global contribution go from 1% to 40% of the business. For us to continue this momentum in 2022, we needed our data to be stored in one place. With Emarsys, we are prioritising user segmentation across all channels to fully understand our customer lifecycles.”

“Retention and reactivation are pivotal for us at this time. Having the tools to analyse customer behaviour across all channels in one place will lead us to unlocking the next stage in solidifying and nurturing our 1:1 relationships with new, existing, and legacy customers. Before Emarsys, we knew what our customers were buying, but not how frequently. With this information, we can start to cater our marketing campaigns to individual consumers to provide them with the excellent customer services they deserve.”

“Segmentation is key for marketers to develop effective and personalised marketing campaigns. Having insight into how, when and why customers shop, all in one platform, creates a foundation that allows marketers to nurture customer relationships and hone in on the customer lifecycle. It is such a pleasure to welcome a female led and run brand like DISSH into the Emarsys community,” Kristyn Wallace, Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan at Emarsys.