Cheerz’s customer engagement triples, conversion rates increase by 20% and retention goes up by 10 points thanks to better segmentation, real-time personalization and good deliverability management

PARIS, FRANCE, December 19, 2018Emarsys, the largest independent marketing platform company in the world, announces that Cheerz, an online instant photo printing site has chosen Emarsys Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketing platform to improve automation of its digital marketing campaigns and enhance personalization across all channels.

Cheerz implemented the Emarsys customer intelligence dashboard, Smart Insights and recommendation engine Predict, and very quickly saw a 100% improvement around email engagement, helped also by superior deliverability management – and this around the peak Christmas period when the platform first went live. Getting emails into customer email boxes was one challenge but being able to deliver those with relevant content led to an average 20% rise in conversion rates, sometimes higher, from the company’s product newsletter which experienced a 3-fold increase in open rates. And despite sustained acquisition activity accompanied by strong growth, a time when you would expect some impact on retention rates, Cheerz saw rates increase by up to 10 points.

Cheerz, based in France and founded in 2012, develops mobile-to-print devices where users can print off photo albums, calendar, and magnets direct from their phone. It has raised €6 million in venture funding from IronCapital and Serena Capital. Cheerz was acquired by the Cewe Allen group at the beginning of 2018.

Since implementation of the Emarsys solution, we have noticed significant time efficiencies. Additionally, thanks to better personalization of our campaigns, we are able to interact with customers in a way that directly meets with their expectations,” says Romain Havel, CRM Manager at Cheerz.

After receiving investment earlier in the year, the startup noticed very quickly that its resources were being stretched beyond human capacity. Equipped with marketing tools that were too limited, a segmentation approach and a pricing strategy that needed updating, the site found it was not generating the growth needed or expected. They had very little opportunity to analyze the database since it allowed no more than five cumulative criteria and was limited to only 30 fields. Cheerz wanted to get closer to its customers, so good email governance and better personalization of content was essential to the success and reputation of the brand. It needed to find a platform that could deliver all this at scale.

Emarsys offered an integrated tool supported by strategic counsel as well as an established reputation in marketing technology and world-class practice in implementation. Emarsys installed the Automation Center a system that connects all the different marketing components to enable automation of campaign creation. This programmatic orchestration of emails and SMS meant Cheerz’s marketing team could focus on higher value marketing tasks. Smart Insight technology is able to analyze images from a source, detecting the dark areas and modifying the brightness of the pixels to bring out all the details. Meanwhile Predict allows it to offer personalized recommendations across channels based on purchase history.

Amaury Martin, General Manager, Emarsys France says, “We are very happy to be able to work with Cheerz and to know that the company is closer to its customers. For example, the use of Predict allows the company to ensure proximity with its users by offering them personalized recognition based on their purchase history.


About Cheerz
Formerly Polabox, Cheerz is a French photo printing service specialising in mobile photos. Created in 2012 by Antoine Le Conte (former founder of and Aurélien de Meaux (ex-HSBC), Cheerz is the fastest growing company on the photo market in 5 years. It has several million users in Europe, seduced by the simplicity of the interface (website and mobile application) as well as by the originality and quality of the products offered. For more information:

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