Spanish sports titan to prioritize customer understanding, segmentation and more sophisticated personalization in 2022

Indianapolis IN, February 2022 — Bulevip, the number one store for sports professionals in Spain, today announces partnership with Emarsys as the solution chosen to manage and continue its explosive customer growth.

Emarsys has been chosen to unify Bulevip’s customer data, capture a more sophisticated understanding of each customer segment, and use that insight to inform real-time communications that are personalized on a 1:1 basis.

The strategic analysis tools of the Emarsys platform process consumer reactions to these messages, which is then able to help inform and shape the evolution of Bulevip’s marketing campaigns based on personal feedback. As a result, Bulevip is now able to deliver genuinely personalized communications to customers as individuals in real time, with each message reflecting the customer more accurately.

The need for Emarsys is a result of Bulevip’s rapid success, with both catalogue and customer databases enjoying growing rapidly over the last two years. The resulting challenge was to keep existing customers loyal while also capitalizing on the opportunity to attract additional customers to a range of new, multi-niche products

As such, a solution that revolved around a 360-degree view of the customer was prioritized. Emarsys features selected by Bulevip include Smart Insight, to automate retention marketing, and Web Recommender, to communicate relevant products, are AI-driven features based upon Bulevip’s more comprehensive understanding of their customers as individuals.

“What we really needed was to be able to impact the right client, in the right moment, with the right content”, commented Alejandro Rivera, Marketing Manager, Bulevip. “That means making our data the best it can be to guarantee useful insights and outstanding results. We can then distribute our content from that same platform. No silos, and as accessible as possible.

“It’s not an easy task, but it’s hugely important for our brand, our marketers and our customers — and Emarsys has offered a robust and easy-to-use means of achieving it.”

“Bulevip recognizes the quality of its customer data as the key to capitalizing upon huge short-term success, paving the way for long-term customer satisfaction,” commented Sara Richter, CMO, Emarsys. “Organizations that enjoy rapid growth need to be able to balance the loyal old with the excitable new, and you can’t do that without a data set — and an engagement platform — that allows you to reach every customer on an informed, compelling 1:1 basis. We pride ourselves on being able to empower marketers with the technologies that allows them to do so.”