The expanded partnership allows the two companies to drive even more revenue growth for their mutual clients using robust identification capabilities that generate high-converting marketing campaigns

New York, NY, USA & London, UK: (02 October 2019) – BounceX, a category leader in device identity resolution, today announced an expanded partnership with another leading marketing company, Emarsys, the world’s first marketing platform with ready-to-activate, industry-specific solutions.

The announcement includes a strategic integration that combines BounceX’s ability to identify anonymous traffic with Emarsys’ AI-powered personalization and turnkey, natively embedded strategies and tactics. The integration supports profitable revenue growth through intelligent acquisition tactics and connected customer journeys for their mutual clients like Tumi, Swatch and eBags, among many others.

Emarsys and BounceX work together to help marketers acquire new customers and drive significant value in addressable digital channels. BounceX identifies anonymous traffic onsite, behaviourally captures key identifiers, and informs Emarsys’ marketing automation platform—allowing marketers to generate high-converting campaigns that will achieve business goals quicker.

Through the partnership’s API, BounceX campaign results will seamlessly flow back to Emarsys, giving clients access to holistic performance results. The integration also gives marketers more insight over the consumer journey by empowering them with control over the frequency of messaging, channels of engagement and suppressions.

“This new integration is a huge win, not only for BounceX and Emarsys, but for all of our customers,” said AJ Nelson, VP of Strategic Alliances & Growth Initiatives at BounceX. “Together, we can take better technology to market to allow brands to drive more revenue, faster.”

The two technology companies share a number of mutual clients, including 5.11 Tactical.

“By working with these two partners, we’ve been able to recognize more shoppers onsite and deploy high-converting behavioural campaigns at an unprecedented rate. This has allowed us to increase the reach of our messaging and garner better performance,” said Jennifer Glover, Global Vice President of Marketing at 5.11 Tactical. “BounceX and Emarsys are both incredible partners for digital channels on their own, but together, they make an exponentially more powerful solution.”

The BounceX-Emarsys integration is now live and available for customers to use.

“This partnership is about creating the best value for merchants and illustrating how brands can use complementary technology to drive better results, faster in the connected era,” said Dave Littlechild, Global Head of Partners and Alliances at Emarsys. “Every marketer knows the value of personalization and how it can deliver the kind of customer experience that truly drive sales and growth, but it begins with knowing who you’re talking to. Most customers are anonymous—so it’s about nurturing those relationships to coax them into becoming a known customer. With identification and behavioural campaigns powered by BounceX and Emarsys, this has just become easier.”

About BounceX

BounceX is an international marketing technology solution that brings a “logged-in” experience to logged-out website visitors across all their devices. A category leader in device identity resolution, BounceX helps companies like Uniqlo, HelloFresh and Tribune Interactive orchestrate real-time, multichannel marketing programs customized for the individual behind each device. They’re best known for their impact on triggered email performance and website personalization.

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