The popular Swiss mail order company has been working with Emarsys on improving customer satisfaction and loyalty most recently with the implementation of a personalized shopping assistant and enhanced targeting optimization

Berlin, January 22, 2019  – Emarsys, the largest independent marketing platform company in the world announces Swiss mail order business for high quality bedding, home textiles and household items, Angela Bruderer has chosen Emarsys AI powered marketing to enrich customer experience through improved personalization and engagement. It uses Emarsys Predict, a machine learning algorithm which delivers intuitive and customized product recommendations and Smart Insight, an audience intelligence tool that provides more robust understanding of customer preferences. Both underpinned the launch of a customized newsletter, serving as a personal shopping advisor, that has resulted in a 60pc increase in online sales.

Angela Bruderer AG started shipping knitwear and handicrafts in 1980 and has since become the leading Swiss mail order company for high quality bedding and home textiles, functional clothing and household items. The company has always placed great emphasis on a personalized, quality shopping experience since it began.  Store personnel are present to offer individual advice to the clientele and the company wanted to provide similar service levels over the internet. In order to duplicate the same high standards experienced in-store, along the entire customer journey, the brand sought a sustainable marketing automation solution, which it found in Emarsys’s integrated array of AI powered multi-channel marketing tools.

In addition to the automated recommendation and profiling engines, Angela Bruderer also uses Emarsys CRM Ads to connect customers’ profiles and histories with their social media accounts thereby allowing the company’s advertising campaigns to reach their intended contacts selectively in real time, across advertising networks such as those of Google and Facebook. Additionally, the brand deployed Emarsys Web Channel which analyzes past customer activities, transforming the website into a truly personalized multi-channel shopping experience.

“We’re thrilled with the results and the quick return on investment. Not only have our e-commerce sales rocketed 60pc, we have also been able to expedite cooperation and coordination between our various departments. Marketing campaigns can now be planned much faster and implemented far more efficiently,” confirms Angela Bruderer’s Head of E-Commerce, Jürg Thomann. “The short implementation times were also extremely satisfactory,” he concluded.

The retailer’s aspirations for the new solution lie in being able to engage on a more personal level with its customers, according to relevancy, while simultaneously expediting and improving the efficiency of its internal marketing processes. In the past, the company would send its clients a non-customized fortnightly newsletter which considered neither a customer’s personal purchasing habits, life-cycle stage or special interests.

“Since introducing the Emarsys platform, Angela Bruderer can now individualize content using a relatively small internal team. This efficiency is made possible by AI which automatically assists in selecting the right content, refining and optimizing through machine learning. The Emarsys platform does this by combining data collected from all the customer touch points to generate a single customer view from which it orchestrates highly relevant recommendations and interactions for each individual customer. The traditional newsletter of old for instance was effectively transformed into a ‘personal shopping assistant’ much to the delight of recipients.  We’re delighted to see such an incredible transformation take place,” says Holger Behnsen, MD, Emarsys DACH region.

Emarsys manages over 350 million daily interactions while analyzing 3.2 billion consumer records and 2.5 million purchase events, integrating customer intelligence, personalization, predictive recommendations and omni-channel marketing at scale, across all devices and social channels into a single cloud-based marketing platform.


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Angela Bruderer is a Swiss mail order company for bedding, home textiles, clothing, nightwear, underwear and home accessories.  Angela Bruderer AG started shipping knitwear and handicrafts in 1980 and has since become the leading Swiss mail-order company for high-quality bedding and home textiles, functional clothing and household items.  For more information please visit:

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