How Marketing Tech – and Emarsys – Has Evolved: Ben Norton [Podcast]

With typical marketing platforms, there’s a gap between product capabilities and the customer’s operational reality. At Emarsys, we’re pre-populating a framework with tactics, strategies, and dashboards, while also opening up the architecture to allow the consumer to customize the platform in a way that works for them. Our goal is to help close the adoption gap by providing continuity between the customer’s goal, strategy, and tactics.

Ben Norton joined #MarketerAndMachine host, Lindsay Tjepkema, at Emarsys Revolution 2018 to talk about how we’re helping marketers get there with actionable tactics, insights, and pointed domain expertise. Learn about Emarsys’ new product capabilities and framework architecture from Emarsys’ Global Head of Strategic Services. #EmarsysRevolution

“We’re 6 years into the #marketingcloud revolution, & still have a massive gap b/w the guys using the platform and those creating the strategy.” – @ComradeNortski       CLICK TO TWEET

Show details and highlights

► (3:23) How Ben’s team helps overcome the problem of ’empty software’

► (7:36) How Emarsys’ new platform addresses the Objectives > Strategies > Tactics approach

► (9:30) How the marketing industry is changing – and how Emarsys is situated within the market

► (14:22) Ben shares how his team is looking at the future

► (15:43) Rapid Fire!


"Marketers need to get braver about OWNING the "retention" piece, internally, because it's a strategic function. Have confidence to hold that exec back who says 'I want that revenue today at the expense of retention tomorrow.' We'll see that improving retention-automation becomes more mature as a concept. Those users that are successful at this have managed to tell that story well."

Ben Norton • Global Head of Strategic Services, Emarsys • @ComradeNortski

“Get braver about owning #retention internally – & don’t sacrifice retention tomorrow for revenue today!” says @ComradeNortski    CLICK TO TWEET


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Ben Norton

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