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The time to deliver
omnichannel experience is

We know that customers expect seamless online and offline brand experiences. This is not new news. As marketing leaders, we must craft strategies, build technology stacks, unite and activate data we can leverage to drive personalized experiences that keep customers coming back. ​

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How first party data fuels customer engagement and delivers business outcomes

Deliver real-time customer engagement at scale across any touchpoint & measure the impact of personalization on your business.

Walking the walk when it comes to omnichannel personalization

Dynamic Yield will dive into how the framework for omnichannel personalization does exist, thanks to recent advancements in technology, and why now more than ever – brands need to invest in getting it right.

How to use your existing customer base to deliver customer experiences

Referrals are the magic conversion point when your customers become your best brand advocates. Learn how first part data is used to drive low cost methods of acquisition and retention

How to boost revenue by combining direct mail and digital channels

Going beyond digital marketing: leveraging the potential of software for physical customer touchpoints.

How to maximise conversions in retail with mobile messaging

Discover the opportunity gap in customer experience and how mobile messaging is one of the biggest conversion opportunities in today’s landscape.

How to identify ALL in-store customers & drive CLTV

Use digital receipts to capture customer data in-store, build your database and as a channel to increase repeat purchase revenue.

How to successfully navigate the future retail landscape

Discover why Unified Commerce can transform the customer experience to ensure relevancy in the new landscape.

How to turn negative customer experiences into positive experience across all channels

Differentiate your service offering by using customer insights across all of your channels, deliver on the promise of customer experience and drive loyalty.

How to create compelling customer experiences with real-time content

Discover how to leverage real-time, personalized content to meet new customer demands

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