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We know that customers expect seamless online and offline brand experiences. This is not news. As marketing leaders, we must craft strategies, build technology stacks, unite and activate data so that we can drive personalized experiences that keep customers coming back. ​

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10:00 ET | 15:00 BST | 16:00 CST

How first party data fuels customer engagement and grows lifetime value

Deliver real-time personalized engagement at scale across any touchpoint through a flexible and highly extensible platform.

10:20 ET | 15:20 BST | 16:20 CST

How Quiz Commerce drives authentic and loyal DTC relationships

Dynamic Consumers love quizzes! Learn how to increase engagement, leads, and conversions all while capturing the 1st-party data that actually matters for driving long term loyalty with your brand.

10:40 ET | 15:40 BST | 16:40 CST

How to leverage store associates to create meaningful omnichannel experiences for online shoppers

Give your store associates the tools and insights they need to actively engage with customers and drive omni-channel sales.

11:00 ET | 16:00 BST | 17:00 CST

How to make marketing channels shoppable via headless checkout

Consumers are able to make a purchase with one-click headless checkout at the point of inspiration — on product pages, in articles, via emails, or in person via QR codes

11:20 ET | 16:20 BST | 17:20 CST

Post-purchase: your untapped marketing channel within e-commerce

Discover the untapped marketing opportunities within the post-purchase part of customer journey that deliver 10x higher email open rates, triple CTR, 75% returned visits and double digit increase in basket size

11:40 ET | 16:40 BST | 17:40 CST

How to engage and delight consumers in the age of conversational messaging

Conversational channels and chatbots give you a golden opportunity to engage, delight, and convert more customers than ever before. Learn how to make the most of every step of the customer journey and start driving unparalleled engagement, conversion, and loyalty.

12:00 ET | 17:00 BST | 18:00 CST

How to ride the new wave of social-fueled e-commerce

Bring inspiration to your customers and drive revenue through social fueled shopping experiences.

12:20 ET | 17:20 BST | 18:20 CST

How to start your journey to personalized, real-time customer engagements

We unpack how to create transparency within your customer data. Move from single transactional loyalty to continuous customer engagement – maximize multi-data sourced targeting to personalize communication and optimize its impact.

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