Why You’re 2.5x More Likely to Succeed with
Omnichannel Retail

Accelerate business outcomes by leveraging retail-specific use cases

What’s Inside

  • How Nike increased revenue generated by omnichannel automation campaigns  by more than 100%
  • How aligning omnichannel retail strategies with business outcomes accelerates revenue growth 
  • The fastest way to deploy built-in retail use cases, to impact the business metrics that matter to you
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Omnichannel Is More Important than Ever

Providing a valuable in-store experience at scale is difficult when only a small number of customers are allowed inside and more people are buying online. With built-in retail use cases and AI, Emarsys enables retailers to scale personalization across all channels, faster, building lasting customer relationships, and driving average order value with every interaction.

“The beauty of Emarsys is that they always provide an actionable next step
for us to run our automated marketing campaign.”

Jade Lau image
— Jade Lau
Digital Commerce Senior Manager, Nike Hong Kong