Travel Hero 02 The State of Retail in 5 Charts

Consumer Shopping Trends and Behaviors That Emerged in 2020

What’s Inside

  • Five charts that summarize online retail in 2020 
  • The projected trajectory of online sales growth in 2021 based on recent data
  • A breakdown of five key product categories that are seeing major growth for online retail
  • Why small retailers in particular are seeing a boom in online sales growth
  • What the rise of digital-first holiday shopping events means for retail going forward

During 2020, we witnessed five years’ worth of e-commerce growth condensed into 12 months. This acceleration, driven by rapid changes in consumer trends and behaviors, forced retail and e-commerce brands to quickly adapt. Not only can we learn from these experiences, but we now have a wealth of data on digital shopping to help us plan for the future and forecast what’s on the horizon.

In this Emarsys + IMRG Report, Five Charts to Sum Up 2020 in Online Retail, you’ll get the latest data insights from IMRG showing significant buying trends and purchase patterns that emerged in 2020, along with expert perspectives to prepare you for future shopping seasons — not just in 2021, but in the years to follow.