How to Retain Mobile App Users & Convert Them into Paying Subscribers

The Mobile Marketer’s Guide

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What’s Inside

  • 5 steps you must implement in order to connect with mobile app users and convert them into subscribers
  • 2 bonus steps that provide expert advice on further developing a mobile marketing strategy that customers want
  • Real-world examples that top mobile brands are using today

Your mobile marketing strategy should allow you to create personalized connections with each and every mobile app user.

Inside this ebook, you’ll discover how to connect all your data, create a lifecycle plan, measure and adjust outcomes on the fly, and much more.

The Rise of Mobile

Due to the pandemic last year, mobile app downloads rose 33%. Consumers spent 20% more on apps when compared to 2019.

So how can you retain more of these app users and turn them into subscribers? 

Mobile Users
Gym Training App In Phone.

Your Data, and App User’s Journey

Not only are you able to interact with uses within mobile, but you can unlock personalization across more channels to connect with users, retain them, convert them, and even win them back.

“Right now, I believe that marketers have a huge opportunity to get on the front foot with regard to customer data, how they gather and use it, and how they explain and demonstrate the value to customers for giving them the permission to use that for a period of time.”

DAVID ELDRIDGE of 3radical
David Eldridge
Chairman & Co-Founder, 3radical