Report Emarsys Valentine’s Day
Research Report – Australia

What’s Inside

  • A breakdown of customer sentiment toward Valentine’s Day shopping (and why this year was different than any other)
  • The most common concerns customers have about shopping online versus in-store
  • The MOST important benefits customers expect from a brand’s loyalty program 
  • Which incentives drive first-time purchases
  • Details on which product categories experienced growth
  • …and more!

In the wake of the 2020 pandemic, customer shopping habits and patterns changed, perhaps permanently. Likewise, the way brands engage and connect with their customers has changed. E-commerce has moved to the forefront, and the once clear lines between in-store and online shopping have blurred. 

These shifts are most evident during holiday shopping seasons, which often serve as bellwethers for emerging trends and preferences. This year’s Valentine’s Day was no exception. In this research report from Emarsys, you’ll get a glimpse of recent data related to Valentine’s Day 2021 shopping in Australia. You’ll learn how Australian consumers’ holiday spend has increased, what motivates their purchase decisions, and more.