Emarsys Omnichannel Retail

Get more customers, buying more often, with higher cart values
with the Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform

In this quick 2-page brochure, you’ll see:

  • Our 90-day implementation plan to get your omnichannel strategy driving revenue ASAP
  • The real business outcomes Puma and Cue Clothing Co. drove with omnichannel retail
  • The biggest challenges (and the solutions) retailers face in achieving omnichannel

What does omnichannel retail mean?

Unify customer, product, and sales data from every source into a single platform built specifically for retailers. 

Step into the future with true omnichannel marketing. Scale engagement and maximize business outcomes in days, not months.

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Benefits of omnichannel retail

  • Use AI to continuously optimize ROMI
  • Eliminate business and data silos
  • Boost retention and long-term CLV
  • Identify anonymous customers
  • Scale personalization across touchpoints

How we help

Using crowd-sourced strategies, templates, and campaigns from across your industry, we pull data from more than 5 billion customers so you can create omnichannel experiences  that drive value. 

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